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  1. Contemporary Reclaimed Barn Wood Sliding Door

    Here's a recent build I did using different barn woods from our lot. The customer picked out all of the different pieces at the lot and then I ripped them, jointed the back side, and brad-nailed/adhered them to the birch plywood. when it was fully assembled, our finish guy did a great lacquer...
  2. Reclaimed Barn Wood Raised Bed Planter - Large

    Very simple build. This is a douglas fir raised bed we built and then coated with elastomeric paint. Then we did a lightly sandblasted mushroom wood facade. Mushroom Wood is one of the reclaimed materials we carry at our lot. It comes from barns where they grew mushrooms and the enzymes from the...
  3. Simple Reclaimed Barn Wood Frame and Sign

    I made this frame out of our thicker grade "mushroom wood" that we have at the lot. It's cut so that only the barnwood edges are visible. I also have a sign plotter in the back room that I use from time to time. I put the sign on special sign plywood that I had laying around.
  4. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Tired of your same old coffee? Try some douglas fir flavoured coffee: - make coffee - pour in to mug 80% full - add sugar, milk/cream as desired, or not - place block of douglas fir on top of mug for about 5-7 minutes (it must completely cover the top of your mug) - remove block of douglas fir...
1-4 of 4 Results