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  1. Contempo Murphy Bed| Custom

    This is a Murphy bed I built in March 2017. We call it the Contempo. The Contempo is normally a real contemporary design. It is characterized by two large doors on the face. This customer choose to have one bookcase only on the left side. The bookcases normally are shorter than the bed section...
  2. Red Murphy bed (w/bld. pics) | Custom

    This is a Murphy bed that we built in the Smithsonian style, but without a desk. One of the biggest changes we did was to add fluted molding to the bookcases. We added it as a build up and not just as part of the face frame. This gave the crown and base moldings a flared out look. We...
  3. Murphy Bed | Stay Level Desk Face| Custom

    The desk really stays level as it transitions into a bed. This is a Murphy bed that I built in August 2017 I call this the Templeton Murphy bed. The Templeton is characterized by the four mission or shaker-style doors across the front. These doors actually match the customer's existing...
1-3 of 3 Results