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  1. Three way lap Joint!

    You can see me build it on youtube here: I found this cool little project on lumberjacks, made by UncannyValleyWoods. It was pretty fun to make the 3-way lap joint, making sure to keep everything tight. check out UncannyValleyWoods stool here:
  2. lost dinner......eagles

    this is my latest eagle woodburning. is of two eagles and a chipmunk. poor chipmunk has been dropped by the first eagle. now you must use your mind to wonder is it getting away? is it falling into a nest? or is it about to get grabbed. i had fun doing these eagles. my favorite bird. the burn...
  3. Blogs
    Shop Tips In the past, most old guys like me jealously protected their shortcuts and tricks to guard their job from competitors. I've seen many old fellows actually turn and place their bodies in front of their work to keep someone else from seeing how they did something, and they were not too...
  4. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I have come onto a new project that requires me to do something in quantity that I have need of advice for… hopefully this knowledgable group can help. The project will require me to make picture frame like designs in quantities of about 20 to 100 per day. I really dont have the money (until I...
  5. Site Help and Suggestions
    WHY?! It was fixed for about 2-3 days… Then, it starts up again!! Looks like it's stuck on THREE Back-clicks to finally GET BACK… ... but, takes MORE… at times! edit: Especially after clicking the Pulse "NEW" links & trying to get Back after reading. Now, it takes 5 Backs to get BACK. Very...
1-5 of 5 Results