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  1. L-Square Stop & Depth Gauge

    L-square Stop - Depth Gauge - Table Saw Setup Tool I designed and built my L-square edge stop around 1984, when I became frustrated with using stops for setting up stair steps for the process. I wanted one which was quick to install and easy to use (e.g., moved smoothly along the edge). The...
  2. Blogs
    Dry Sauna Construction - Multi Tools? How to Rip I posted about this a few months back. I felt I wasn't lining up my joints. Pretty good until the top joints. Now the issue is whether to add something vertical to cover the joints. This is a special cedar that emits a smell when the dry sauna...
  3. Blogs
    Multi tool restore - axe, hammer & nail pullers Multi tool restore axe, hammer & nail pullers This summer an 'old' man in my allotment community, came with some tools and asked if I wanted them, as he had heard I had a passion for old tools and were a tool nut, he also invited me over, to see...
1-3 of 3 Results