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  1. Delmar Caboose Restoration #1 - How-to and How-Not-to build a window.

    The Mason-Dixon Woodworkers Club was asked by the restoration committee in charge of restoring the Caboose built in 1929 on the old railroad property, to assist them in doing some of the restoration. They didn't have any funds so they were not only asking for assistance but for us paying for...
  2. Cd Case

    I just finished this today, it's a cd case that holds more cd's than I'll ever own It's all mdf except for the doors which are pg maple with mullions and glass. The doors slide open and closed in two grooves cut in the top and bottom of the case. I made 1/8" x 1" rabbits in the backs of the...
  3. Joinery
    I am working on a project with glass doors. There is a center mullion and secondary rail to form openings for leaded glass. I know glass door joinery can get pretty complicated, but luckily the parts are simple craftsman style without any decorative profile. Rails and stiles are 2" wide x...
1-3 of 3 Results