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  1. The Better Beer Bottle Opener

    I imagine that some more industrious turner could use this general idea to make a bottle opener that resembled a baseball, football, hockey puck, soccer ball, etc… First I'd like to than the giants upon whose shoulders I stand: Paul - Bob -...
  2. Potions Pot & Pestle

    White Mullbery mortar and pestle (6"diameter x 4"height x 1/8"thick) finished with lacquer.
  3. Mullberry Cane

    Another cane, this one from Mullberry, lightweight but sturdy. About 32 inches tall to the top of the shaft, handle makes it about 38 inches total. Finish is Spar Varnish, which gave the wood a yellow tint but really brought out the silky grain pattern in the wood. People think the handle...
  4. Bottle Stoppers

    Woods used are: spalted hackberry, mullberry, spalted maple, cherry and peach. Stoppers are from Ruth Niles.
  5. roubo workbench, recycled timber and handtools.

    just finished my new workbench out of recycled timber. roubo inspired but with a tool stand and and tool tray and a bottom shelf in the leg-frame.. the roubo leg-joints are blind since i wanted to keep the benchtop "clean" looking. the leg-vise is wedge driven, and the moxxon end-vise is made...
  6. Sun Kiss'd White Mulberry Lidded Bowl

    This is from A White Mulberry that I cut down in my backyard (It was rotting at the base), about 5yrs ago. Most of the logs sat out in the weather until I started reclaiming it this past January. The wood is a bright yellow when milled, but turns a beautiful golden color when it sits in the...
  7. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I just saw this solid wood keyboard and mouse combo and thought about all you guys-
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I was looking for some insight from what other woodworkers have experienced with 1.5 and 2 HP rated cyclones. I have read most users state to go for bigger HP however I am looking for the balance point of efficiency and size that will fit my current and slightly larger future workspace. I...
1-8 of 8 Results