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  1. Turkey, White Tail, Mule Deer, Elk Bull and Cow, Collage, Wildlife

    The man that commissioned this piece wasn't sure what he wanted done. He knew he wanted aTurkey and Deer and that was about it. So my husbband picked out the wood, a end piece of Walnut, and I started picking out patterns. I covered the top of the work table in the shop with patterns and we...
  2. Mule Deer Lifesize Pedestal Display Mount with Turquoise Inlay

    This life size taxidermy pedestal was carved out of a burled pine log, inlay with turquoise and finished with Tung Oil
  3. Y-Handle Hiker

    Y- handle hiking stick made from found wood . I think 'ovr da pond there' these are refered to as a 'market stick' , where you can rest your crossed arms in the Y while you haggle over the price of a Smithwick's. I make a taller version that can be used as a shooting stick [for those black...
  4. Antler Handle Knife

    I been wanting to have a try at mounting an antler handle to a knife blade for some time now. The 'WOOD' part of this project is the ironwood bolster with a leather washer spacer. The ironwood is recycled from a poorly done duck carving found in a garage sale. The hole for the landyard is lined...
  5. Pens for Christmas

    1; Chrome click bullet/ mule deer antler & buffalo horn. 2; Slimline / mule deer antler. 3; Fancy slimline / mule deer antler. 4; Fancy slimline / cocobolo. All have CA finish.
  6. Teresa`s Desk

    This is a desk my wife picked up at a moving sell from one of he friends for $10 bucks. Se asked me several times about refinishing it,I never seemed to have time. So one weekend that I had to work she took it into the shop and started sanding on it. Then she never seemed to have time to get...
  7. Woodcarving
    Hey Gang! I have posted my latest online project for a Mule Deer portrait set inside of an arrow head. It has two free patterns, all of the step-by-step instructions which include how to carve the design, wood burn the textures, and how to paint the finished carving. Hope you will stop by my...
1-7 of 7 Results