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    Debbie Roswell (MsDebbieP) Welcome to the first episode of the Lumberjocks Interview Podcast. Our interview spotlights Debbie Roswell, known to Lumberjocks as MsDebbieP. Debbie is one of the most active Jocks on the site and always offers words of encouragement to fellow Lumberjocks. Debbie...
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    We've Moved It's official, the tour has become a blog entry. More Jocks, more shops, more celebrity visitors. Coffee still allowed. More to come. Ms. Debbie P: The Star of the tour, humble despite all that fame has brought her and keen as mustard for the road. Cast: You- More than a...
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    5th Annual Niagara Woodworking Show 5th Annual NIAGARA WOODWORKING SHOW SATURDAY OCTOBER 30, 2010 Niagara Falls HOME DEPOT 7190 Morrison Street L2E 7K5 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Lumberjock Meet and Greet Where in the world is MsDebbieP? Debbie is planning to attend and is asking if anyone wants to...
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    The First Lady of LJ-land and a noted Canadian. It's little known that she is a world traveler of the first order. Forget about Carmen SanDiego. Where in the world is (deep bass) Ms. Debbie P?!!?
1-4 of 4 Results