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  1. 9" Dovetail Saw - Dovetail Tool Swap 2015 Submission

    This is the saw that I made for an amazing LumberJock, ToddJB, for the recent Dovetail Tool Swap. The basic materials are African Blackwood, Brass 360 bar stock, and 1095 Spring Steel. I am using a few of his pics because I didn't take many of the completed tool, oopsie! The saw handle is...
  2. Blogs
    2 species of branches found in my green waste bin - what are they? I've had quite a weekend here in LA with the free wood gathering. It's laughable to you folks on farms, or out in the deep woods with harvestable lumber all around you, but here, we have to beg for our scraps, or put down hard...
1-2 of 2 Results