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  1. Wedding Automaton

    This is a present for a recently married couple based on some of their wedding photos. They were married in a Scottish Castle with pipers and kilts, daffodils and snow.
  2. Small tic tac

    Small tic tac, built with scrap wood of walnut. The dimensions of 58×58x17 mm. , the balls with a diameter of 8mm. are beads for necklaces.
  3. Anjali playing with the cats

    This was a christmas present for a friend, of her daughter, commission by her mum.
  4. Replacing a Carved Walnut Steinway Piano Cabriole Leg

    Project Story: This was a challenging and stressful project. Now that it is behind me, I can add this project to my list of odd, unique, and crazy items that I have tried to build over the years. Why the stress? First off, I wasn't completely sure that I was up to the challenge. I went to...
  5. box

    box that I tried my hand at a little carving,cherry with walnut top.I really like working with cherry.
  6. Flight Simulator controls

    As I explained in my blog entry, I've been absent because work has kicked in hard, and because my hobby time right now is spent working on an R/C glider that had been gathering dust for years. Maybe once I get that done I can get back to making sawdust in something other than balsawood, but then...
  7. Kinetic Sculpture #1

    This summer I went to Boston for a summer program at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I ended up getting really into sculpture, and decided to make this piece my main project. I was inspired to make this kinetic sculpture by Reuben Margolin. I was fascinated and inspired by one of the...
  8. The Mermaid of Blake Mere automaton

    The only inland British mermaid legend sips a G&T at the bar of The Mermaid pub in Staffordshire. STORYTELLING: ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE MIDLANDS BILSTON CRAFT GALLERY 25 MAY 2013 - 24 AUGUST 2013...
  9. Bourbon Barrel Gift Card Holder

    A couple of my friends got married last weekend right in the middle of bourbon country (Lexington, KY). After their engagement I was given a list of things that they wanted me to make to help them out. On the list was "something to receive the gift cards at the reception" So this is what I...
  10. Under the Sea - turtle, shark, octopus and all the fish

    My latest Under the Sea automaton
  11. Here Be Monsters - Big Fish

    Here Be Monsters - Big Fish 2012
  12. Annulation, a kinetic sculpture

    Inspired by David C. Roy, this designed-from-scratch kinetic sculpture is called, Annulation. When it's wound up, Annulation will run for 5 - 7 minutes. Each ring is 14" in diameter, and the maximum rotating diameter of the sculpture is about 30". Its rings create an organic illusion of growth...
  13. Here Be Monsters BIG FISH

    This is going in the Tall Stories Exhibition - Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey, Devon, UK 13th March - 25th April 2010 Video at
1-20 of 55 Results