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  1. Walking Cane For Nicolette, a True Miracle Story, Fancy Woods & Scrimshaw of a "Praying Mantis"

    -------------------------- This walking cane was made for a special lady named Nicolette, and so it is not for sale. If you go to the bottom of this posting, you'll find a list of walking canes for sale, and other examples of my past work. Cane Serial Number: #2009-04 Height: 30.125 inches...
  2. Blogs
    Planning, planning, planning Hi, I'm Donna Menke and I enjoy making things out of wood. You can see more of my projects and links to other woodworking and carving blogs on my web site: I have some nice cherry wood on hand- so I'm going to make another harp similar to...
1-2 of 2 Results