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  1. A "Moses" Wood Spirit Carved Walnut Folk-Art Walking Cane with Deer Antler & Turquoise Handle

    ------------------------------ This cane has been "SOLD" and resides in Clements, Kansas USA Welcome Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom of this posting where you'll find a list of canes that I have built that are ready to ship...
  2. Shepherd Crook Staff Hiking Stick Carved Pastor Tall Stick Shepherding Border Collie Dog Trial

    Commissioned Project: Carved Shepherd's Staff Crook This item has been SOLD Serial No. #2012-14 Height: 71" Material: Red Oak Finish: Dye Stains and Flat Lacquer Project Story: Back in the Spring of 2011 a Pastor found my walking sticks on lumberjocks and asked if I would make him a knobby...
1-2 of 2 Results