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  1. Pub Height Dinner Table

    This table was my first woodworking project. I built it six years ago when I got married because I wanted to consecrate beginning of a family with something that I made with my hands. I first designed the table in Sketchup, where I was able to determine exactly the dimensions of wood needed...
  2. Kitchen table

    Finished this farm trestle table built from 3rd coast craftsman plans. The wood was cut & milled from 2 pecan trees from our property. They were roughcut with a chainsaw, stickered & air dried for 18 months. Milled them with a benchtop jointer & planer. Edge jointing was accomplished by...
  3. Trio of bookshelves

    I had found the bird shelf in a store somewhere made out of MDF. Used it as a template and made it out of some oak I had around. The dog and cat were silhouettes I found online to fit the general size of the shelf. All 3 were gifts for Christmas but now I have templates to make many more! :)
  4. Jigs & Fixtures
    I recently saw this some where.It may have been here on LJ's. But I thought it was a grand idea, especially when I found that I had no 1/4 20 knobs for a jig I am making. Rather than wait a week to ten days on the pony express, I asked my wife to keep an eye out for golf balls when she was...
1-4 of 4 Results