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  1. Shaker Style Coffee Table with Blanket Storage

    Have a look at this Shaker Style Coffee Table with Storage that I recently built in my latest build video. In my 2 part series I show the steps of creating the top with segmented center and bread board ends as well as building the carcass and a drawer big enough to hold all my blankets. This...
  2. Table and bench

    Birch table and bench, mortise and tenons joint in the table and also strorage in the bench!
  3. Arts and Crafts Nesting Tables in QSWO

    This is a set of nesting Arts and Crafts style tables in QSWO. The plan came from Wood Magazine (DP-0015). The large table is 20" w x 20" d x 29" h. The only changes that I made to the plan was to add an additional rail on the small table and I eliminated the cut outs on the wide slats that...
  4. Tile Top Box in QS Sycamore

    This is a small tile top box made from quartersawn Sycamore with Arts and Crafts detailing (photo 1 & 3). The box is similar to one that I saw on the internet (unfortunately I can't remember where to give credit). The top (photo 2) measures 6.75" wide x 7" high and is made from 0.75" thick...
  5. Scotch cabinet\End table Christmas gift.

    Worked on this end table/scotch cabinet that ended up being a Christmas gift for a good friend. The muntins and the glass were a first. I went with a walnut and Spanish Cedar combination. Appreciate all the tips, advice and ideas I continue to get from LJ.
  6. Blogs
    Milling 6/4 Rough Sawn Lumber Parts After several days of study and analysis, I decided I would make a trestle table for my granddaughter Torrence. It boiled down between this relatively small trestle table or a shaker style writing desk with two drawers under the table top. Each would be...
  7. Blogs
    My New TenonMaker TM-1 I ordered a Bridge City Tools TenonMaker TM-1. It arrived yesterday. It is a small device. I am still trying to get experience with it. I was also interested in ordering their KM-1 Kerfmaker tool, but it was not in stock, or not a stock item. I believe customers must...
1-8 of 8 Results