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  1. Diamond Willow Cane, unique wood handle....SundnR.

    right now i've got quite a few more canes going, a couple mantle pieces, a Holy Cross III….the latest cane with a comfortable handle in either hand but a bit out of the ordinary, maybe extraordinary to someone; also some kind of chromed (hematite?) stone that i picked up with a bag of my usual...
  2. Live Edge Table

    Hello, This is my attempt at a live edge table. The table is 49" long,16" wide and 33 1/2 " tall. The base is made of Redwood and the top is pine. All surfaces are hand planed but the top. I left the top with the saw marks on it. I did sand it to give it a smooth touch. Let me know what you...
  3. Ebonized Oak Cutting Board with breadboard ends

    First time making breadboards, and first time ebonizing oak! 100% hand tools. It's pretty terrifying to rub steel wool and apple cider vinegar all over your finished project, but i'm happy i took the chance. Love how dark the finish turned out. I made a video of the process if anyone is interested:
  4. Mother Girl

  5. Fireplace prop for christmas display

    Fireplace prop I made for a display at our Festival of Trees charity event. It was made of some left over sign board plywood. The mantle is some live edge,rough cut Pine from a friends sawmill. Kinda cool mantel is Montana made from Montana trees
  6. Rough sawn entry table

    Entry table I made from cut off scrap from a friends saw mill. All this lumber would have ended up in the wood stove if I didn't use it. It's made with all mortise and tenon joints and hand cut dovetails on drawers. I did mix clear wood with stained wood to try a new effect. I gave this to my...
  7. Marketplace Classifieds
    Auction Events open for Bid Now! - 4 auctions . ================================ All assets of Casework Tech in Albuquerque, NM must be sold!!! . "TIMESAVERS "252-1 WIDE BELT SANDER (1-HEAD) 1-Head, 51" cap. - Combination head with 6" dia. contact roll & dual action finishing platen, 40 HP...
  8. Marketplace Classifieds
    Auction in Montana …. Closes 5-25-16 Some really GOOD deals on some sanders & saws… If you're close to Montana, you might LIKE this one... GOOD LUCK!
  9. Blogs
    Just Behind My House I have had some incredible opportunities for projects in Ohio. In fact, almost all of my best work is in Ohio. I really owe all the thanks to my clients, the Coopers, for trusting in me and allowing me to run with my design ideas. It has often been asked of me, why don't I...
  10. Blogs
    Neck Deep in Woodworking... Shop Update- Fellow LJ member Brian Havens flew out from his home in California Tuesday night to help me build a Shaker Bench for Charity. I think he may have questioned this decision as he arrived here in Billings at 11pm and the temperature was -3°. SNAP...
  11. Blogs
    I Am NOT Ready For This Yesterday turned out to be a good fall day. I had the south facing doors open for a while in the afternoon. With the sunlight and lack of wind the shop stayed comfortably warm even though the outside temps were cool. But this is what we look like today. The forecast is...
  12. Blogs
    Tornado in Billings, MT Whew! We had a close one today. A tornado hit here in Billings, MT and it was visible from our property. I did not see it as I was in another part of town working on a project. Rita called me about 4:30 and said she could see a funnel cloud out the window. She did not...
  13. Blogs
    The American Craftsman Workshop Update Sept '09 I hope that everyone had a good finish to the summer by spending quality time with the family over the long Labor Day weekend. My wife, Rita, and I went kayaking with friends on the Madison and Yellowstone Rivers here in Montana and we covered 17...
  14. Blogs
    My Montana Workshop A brief look at my humble Montana workshop, from my morning "commute" to the inside of the shop, including the never-ending-project: The Workshop Expansion. I hope you enjoy this peek at where I enjoy spending so much time. The Shop>
  15. Blogs
    You are ALL Invited! Hey guys, I really should be out in the shop right now, I am waaay behind on my project. But I need to let you guys know that everyone is invited to the opening night of a Fine Woodworking Exhibition at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT. I will be there as I am...
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    A Historically Interesting Handsaw A Historically Interesting Handsaw I usually don't give Warranted Superior saws a second look. It's not that many of them aren't good saws, but because their value is comparatively lower than vintage brand name saws. When this saw recently popped up on an...
1-17 of 17 Results