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  1. Monkey Pod on Wall Street

    (that's pod, not paw) No bad luck wishes here. Platinum and Black Titanium dress up this twist pen, with a Hawaiian flavor. Very easy to turn wood, with a little bit of tear out at the ends, and a little bit of open grain and voids that sanded smooth beautifully. -- to completely steal from my...
  2. Fathers day hexagon box

    Here is my final box for fathers day. I made this one for my wife's dad. This one took some time to get it right. I wanted it perfect as I could get any way. Bob (my father in-law is a big fisherman, so I added a picture of a rainbow trout n the lid for him, & I cut a piece of Plexiglas to cover...
  3. Monkey Pod Tri-cornered Bowl

    Tri-cornered Bowl. A woodworker buddy gifted me an extraordinary piece of Monkey Pod wood. After some struggles how to make something out of the odd sized scrap…about 8×8x11 inches. I decided to take advantage of the thickness, nearly two inches, and do a lathe project. The bowl is about 8...
  4. Pepper Grinder from Monkey Pod

    Pepper grinder made from Monkey Pod wood. Made this for my wife for Mother's Day to replace a pepper grinder I made for her a few years ago. That first grinder I made with a poor quality mechanism like this one...
  5. tear drop / waterfall ?

    cut from one solid log. What would you call this? tear drop or waterfall?
  6. Christmas Pens I made

    I made a gift of three pens for Christmas. More may disappear as time goes on. Upper Left Mesquite with wood from Gerry Know as Bluestingrayboots Upper right MonkeyPod from wood from Harold Lower Texas Ebony with wood from Gerry, BlueStingrayboots.
  7. Monkey Pod Stump End Table

    I found this stump on the side of the road in Hawaii. Someone had dumped it on the side of Kappa Quarry Road. It's a funny story of how I got it. I pulled over to pick it up and I was there alone trying to move this 250lbs monster into the back of my suburban when out of nowhere a man...
  8. Recent Turnings

    I haven't posted much in a while.. i've been really caught up in school work and cross country… The first picture includes my first vase (top left), not my first hollow form, just my first vase. The opening at the top is wayy too big.. the wood is camphor, and is finished with tung oil. 10"x5"...
  9. Hopi Inspired

    This piece is from Monkey Pod. We travel to the Southwest in the winter and enjoy the Native American Art work. This is a typical shape from the area of Arizona
  10. Some new bottle toppers and a bottle opener

    Now that I or the new lathe. I decided to fulfill a request from a friend. What you see from left to right is olive wood ,olive wood , tiger caspi and , monkey pod
  11. Finishing
    Attempting to finish a monkeypod slab table, and applied my 5/6th coat of Tung Oil. The table is glass aside from a few spots where the tung oil has bubbled near the mouth of some of the cracks in the table top. Moisture indicator put it at high side of "low" "10-11%" Sanding with 2000 grit...
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Just got a call from the authorized repair center for Ridgid on my EB4424 oscillating sander. Told me the motor was shot & they were told motors are on back order. It covered under warranty, but I sure hate being without it. It's not been abused & less than 1 year old. Repair guy says there's...
  13. Jigs & Fixtures
    I have been using an mdf planer sled. It is two peices of 3/4 put together for rigidity but, with long boards >72" the thing is heavy as hell and hard to manipulate. I was thinking of using a single sheet of 3/4 melamine for one instead. It would be lighter. Removal for the hot glued wedges...
1-13 of 13 Results