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  1. Some frames in a slide show

    These are frames that I am selling or made for samples. Enjoy. I wanted to thank the LJ's who replied to my questions about Tung Oil. Unless otherwise mentioned, the frames have a Maloof finish (TO, BLO, & Urethane). Slide show View more...
  2. Colorado Sea Shell

    These are my attempt at segmented curved Nautilus sea shells.
  3. high lace

    this is a project for my younger sister,birthday gift, maple padauk,walnut,turned then carved about 500 pieces
  4. maple call with Ky coffee wood striker

    maple pot is 3 1/4" glass over glass . striker is KY coffee wood..
  5. Piano stool from palets

    Not the prettiest and it is a bit too heavy for its purpose but it is made from a packaging crate and it works. Just pine which when sanded was different colours so I used a tinted polyeurathane coating - 2 coats.
  6. Shoe challenge - hairy

    hairy writes: This is my boot. From about 10 feet away it looks pretty good.It is one of the things I am proud of doing. There are parts of it that I got right, and other parts that I really messed up. I learned a lot by doing this. Not just a new skill, but a new way to look at things. The tip...
  7. bubinga desk

    simple Desk made of bubinga.
  8. Pestle - a cooking device... and a gift.

    Pestle a cooking device… and a gift. I never heard of this tool before, but when Jim made a post where he gave us his best recipe's, Mike / Littlecope told about this tool and how he used to use one of these - and also that if he had a lathe he would make himself one. So I could not stand the...
    Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
  9. Mason Symbol Shadow Box

    Here is my attempt of a Freemason Symbol Shadow Box. It was very fun to build, but knowing nothing about being a Freemason made it a little more challenging. I hope I succeeded in representing the organization with dignity and pride.
  10. kitchen renovation project

    Follow this link to my Facebook album.
  11. Large Chest of Drawers

    I built this chest of drawers for my wife and I to replace our two mismatched chests we've had since we married six years ago. It's made of Knotty pine with Poplar drawers and walnut inlays (my first ever). I used through dovetail joiney on the rails and stiles (my first also).
  12. entertainment center

    This is a entertainment center that I built for a customer. Just got it done. It is 100" wide 80" tall the center piece is 20" deep and the two side cupbards are 14" deep. I made it out of maple and berch plywood. I made the crown and cover base modlings. All the doors and drawers hardware are...
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am considering the purchase of a used Sears 12" Planer/Molder - Model 306 for $500. It appears to be in good shape. Anyone have experience with this model or an idea if this is a good price?
  14. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello, I am trying to Sell my WoodMaster W-725. It has a lot of extras: Extra drive motor Sander drum Gangsaw Blade set Molding kit Many knifes and blades for different cuts Looking to get $2,000.00 cash for it on this site.
  15. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    This machine is for sale on CL and I'm thinking of buying it. What is y'alls opinion of this machine? Is this machine the same as a Foley Belsaw 684?
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey everyone, I'm new here, but wanted to ask opinions on a planer / molder that I am thinking of purchasing. I found a General International 30-100 cabinet style planner / molder on Craigslist. It looks brand new even though it is about 8 years old, has a 1.5hp motor, and comes with a set of...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Does anyone have any experience with planer/molders? I found a 12" 5hp Craftsman for sale. It comes with several sets of planer knives and the original manual. What is a fair deal for this tool if it's in good useable condition? What wear items should I look for when I inspect it before...
  18. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    For those of you that use the Woodmaster, Belsaw, Craftsman, Powermatic or Jet type molders, I have a few questions. I have both a Woodmaster 718, and a Belsaw 910, I've ran both as molders a fair amount. So I have a little experience with them. I generallly just use the Belsaw for planing now...
  19. Marketplace Classifieds
    For sale is a Woodmaster Power Planer Model # W-718 It includes the pro pack making it 4 machines in 1 - converts from Planer to Molder, Drum Sander or Power-Feed Rip Saw. It's in great shape, it was used to make custom molding for a home. The price is 1500.00 We are located in Gretna...
  20. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    It's time I get back into wood working at the end of winter/early spring. I am sure folks around here miss my crazy projects :) To help out with that….hobby "drive", I found this MG 2762 (rebranded from a Belsaw 905). Current owner says only surface rust and works/runs AOK. I plan on making...
1-20 of 31 Results