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  1. Modified Slimline pen

    This centerband-less chrome slimline is the result of thinking about Scott's slimline experiment, seen here: The start I wanted to make a slimline with a little shape, keep it comfortable, do away with the CB, and make it flow. This is what I came up with. The barrels are cut sharp to the...
  2. two, two-tone platinum pens

    Two Tone Bamboo Modified Slimline Actually a fast growing grass, but as tough as maple, bamboo is a very sustainable product. This design is actually a modification to the standard slimline kit. Rather than include the narrow centerband, instead I used an asymmetrical centerband of natural...
  3. A few modified slimlines

    Here's a few modified slimlines. They're all single barrel, and you twist the nib to extend the refill. The long barrel can be a bit more difficult to do, but I think the flowing lines are worth it. 1. Rosewood and copper 2. Pink Ivory and chrome 3. Olive Wood and gunmetal 4. Olive Wood and...
  4. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Anyone have an idea of the original use for these clamps? Thanks Lew
1-4 of 4 Results