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  1. dyed/stabelized wood

    I was given the opportunity to test a new blank for someone on another site. He sent out blanks to about 10 of us. This is the result of my test. It is dyed/stableized Maple. It was finished with CA then buffed. I splurged on a $19.99 photo tent/light kit to try and improve my photos so...
  2. JenAire cutting boards

    I made these for an old neighbor some time ago, Cherry, Jatoba, Maple, Walnut and Moradillo, double sliding dovetails on the end boards.
  3. Redwood Patio Table

    Built this in August of last year when my mother-in-law asked that she get a table for her front porch for coffee - same as the purpose of the tapered leg table (also in the Project area) that she saw, used and liked! Found a similar product picture on-line that set the basic design, and then...
  4. elm TV table

    It's a table for our LCD TV and DVD player. Drawer is for CDs and DVDs. It's made from european elm. Drawer is from birch. All finished with 2 layers of hard wax oil.
  5. Yet, another wooden Bowl

    Another wooden bowl ,made from scraps ! walnut,oak,and cherry. The bottom design came from another fellow lumberjock. thanks for lookin'
  6. table

    table oak with intarsia made of walnaut 80×220x75cm
  7. Walnut cube wood accent Stool / Table ~ Hourglass style

    Walnut cube wood accent Stool / Table ~ Hourglass style 12X12X18 Cutting the piece in this way exposes more of the colorful heartwood & lightens the piece for reasonable shipping. More pics at & in my ebay store...
  8. Figured Bloodwood and Curly Maple table.

    This side table was designed totaly from scratch by me and my wife for the art gallery it will be going in. The top is a piece of bloodwood I stumbled upon at a local lumber yard and honestly didnt know what I was going to do with. At one point It almost got turned into book ends for a customer...
  9. Underwater World

    Hello all, it's been awhile since I posted a project because of my broken hand and then playing catch up to get some projects done. This one took AWHILE to finish because it was 341 pieces and a lot of them where very small. I spent a lot of time down on my hands and knees looking for a piece...
  10. Boxguy Goes Sappy

    Thanks for looking at this posting. Thanks especially to those of you who take time to comment, ask questions, or just say hello. I will respond to those who do, so check back for feedback. This is a short video Ken and I made. It is all about making and installing corner splines. Check it...
  11. #2, Walnut Dining Table

    The story starts here: Up to now, my wife, child, and I have been using portable pop-up trays to sit down and eat dinner. Now we have this - I just moved it into the house tonight. Chairs will be project #3 or 4. I'm thinking my wife's vanity might have to...
  12. 2nd Pen-Zebrawood

    This is my second pen turned on my new lathe. The first one was of acrylic but this one is made from Zebrawood. Nothing fancy to note except that I used the Micro Mesh system for the first time and took the finish up to 12,000. Then a coat of Crystal Coat and it was all done. This is a slimline...
  13. Speakers & Stands

    Well a few of you may or may not have followed the one or two blogs on these... Whilst I can say the are not finished due to they don't have any for of protective coating as of yet, I can say that I have finished because I won't be doing that and the owner of them has not decided himself as of...
  14. More School Fund Raiser Donations

    The school, where I used to teach, holds a fund raising event every year. Faculty and community members donated items for a silent auction. The money goes to help off set the travel costs of the students who participate in regional and nation contests. Our school has been fortunate to have had...
  15. twin bed

    this is twin bed I have been build for my niece over the last 8 months. It started out as just a bed with the three large drawer in the base and then was decide it need a head board to look finished and then came the foot board with spice racks built in for her nail polish and the fold down...
  16. Barware rack for camper trailer

    I have an ongoing series of commissions to outfit a camper trailer with various bits of built-in cabinetry. This is the first of those pieces - it's designed to hold a few bottles, some barware (cocktail shaker, etc.), and a few martini glasses. Most of this is 3/8" thick black walnut, resawn...
  17. Cherry Secretary rollup desk.

    Cherry secretary I made for my wife's birthday.
  18. Tele Roll Container/Room Divider

    Here is a roll container, that I built. One of three. The middle one, the one that I built from beginning to end was a project that was very challenging and the other two, built by two colleagues of mine, we all built them pretty much separately, and they still all had to pass at the same...
  19. Modern Clock - Sea Theme

    A friend asked for a clock to sit in her seaside home. Her style preferences were are modern minimalist so this is what came from all the sawdust. Bird's eye maple and walnut with rolling waves influence. Simple urethane finish with no stains or dye.
1-20 of 500 Results