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  1. girls never have too many jewels

    A wonderful surprise for birthday As you know, the girls never have too many jewels ;) , so jewelry box crafted from natural wood of beech and oak is itself a unique gem for them.
  2. Scratch Built Wooden Bobsled

    This is a 1:16 scratch model of a bobsled like the one my grandpa had here at the farm. It was fun to make.
  3. Firetruck almost finished

    Finally coming to the end of this project,I just need to figure out how to make my outriggers strong enough to take some abuse.
  4. Finishing Tote?

    I'm not really sure what to call this thing. When it comes to be "finishing" time, I find that the stuff I am looking for is all over the place. When I am done, the stuff is everywhere in different places it doesn't belong. I decided to make a little tote for it. It's made from left over...
  5. Curved Pergola

    This is a project whose early design was created using SketchUp. It can be found at The design changed somewhat as the actual project progressed. Overall, I was very pleased with the way the finished project...
  6. Designing Woodworking Projects
    My son called me last night about a new CAD application that looks very promising in that it is cloud based and can run on a PC, tablet, and phone (iPhone or Android). There invitation page is:OnShape This is a Beta version and watching their About video sounds like they are very serious about...
  7. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Is This any way to run a Railroad? GERMAN WONDERLAND … this is Awesome!!! Remember the two brothers, in Germany, who had a wonderful model railway that was something to see? This is an update for their German Wonderland. Enjoy. There have been little clips about this place for the past few...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I do not have any files or chisels except for my lathe set. I am looking for small/medium versions of files, spokeshaves and chisels in order to use them on wood half hull boats. The transom areas can get intricate. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    G'day all, My question is concerning the high cost of shipping goods from the USA back to Australia. While the range of goods and the prices in the USA are great, especially for someone who gives many of the toys I make away, shipping is a killer. The Aussie Dollar is only getting about...
  10. Blogs
    The Original Incra Jig while working and designing my router table I noticed that there are no Incra Models on Sketchup 3D Warehouse at all. I do not have any of the LS positioner systems, and would have liked to have a 3D model version to incorporate into my design and see how it would work...
  11. Blogs
    Building the Lower Frame The Requirement I moved back to MN in June 2014, after nearly 30 years away, and my brother quickly introduced me to duck hunting. We're not on any of the major flyways here, so we need to put everything in our favor possible. We read about the advantages of layout...
    16-sided 8-sided adjustable height boat pedestal aluminum aluminum tubing anchor pole anchor spud avery killer weed bending metal bending metal tubing bimini fittings bimini hinges binding edge boat building boat cart boat launch boat seats boat trailer boat transportation bracket brushing brushing a boat brushing material brushing straps bunk carpet bunks camouflage cart caulk chesapeake light craft clc cockpit concealment conduit bender cordura cure time deck deck plywood deck rib deck support dog blind duck boat duck boat paint duck hunting boat epoxy ergonomics fiberglass fiberglass cloth fillet fitting fitting out flip blind doors floor flush trim bit foam greenfield products gunnel hand plane hole saw hull hunting hunting boat initial launch interlux brightsides interlux intergrip kara hummer keel laminate lamination layout blind layout board layout boat layout duck boat limber holes loading ramps maiden voyage marine plywood mesh panels modeling nylon jaw slider oar button oar locks oar plans oarlock oars parker coatings pedestal base primer push pole pvc pipe raka epoxy rasp rib ring shank nail rockywoods rockywoods outdoor fabric rope winch router rowing runners sailrite sailrite kits saw horses scraper sewing sewing machine shaping siikens cetol marine silicon bronze nail silicon bronze ring shank nails sky winch snyder creek springfield taper-lock superstick superstick push pole tubular framing ultrafeed lsz-1 upholstery utility trailer waterproofing white oak white pine winch zip ties zipper
  12. Blogs
    Order of importance So I believe strongly that a large part of carpentry in the modern world is using updated tools. That's why I posted this image of some of my most important tools. I understand if you disagree with this sentiment, and I respect that, but I wanna know what everyone else...
  13. Blogs
    Getting back to woodworking After taking some time off to do other things I am getting back to woodworking again.One of my likes is toymaking and I have lots of unfinished projects that I am in the process of completing plus staring some new ones.
1-13 of 13 Results