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  1. WS Semi Tractor #108

    Well I'm done with the tractor. I also built the lowboy to go with it. I turned the tyres, gas tanks, air tanks and the air filter canister on the lathe. I even made my own axle pegs too. The project was made out of walnut, oak and the tyres were made out of maple.
  2. Zebra from Zebrawood

    This was my first attempt at a "bandsaw horse"-type project. I had some extra pieces of Zebrawood around, and what better to make than a zebra? Turned out pretty well for not having the right blade for my bandsaw.
  3. Low Boy Trailer

    Another addition to my toys. The tyres are made out of maple and turned on the lathe. The platform was made out of ash which I repurposed from hard wood flooring I got from a buddy. I also midified the rear axles. I thought the original axles were really plain so I incorporated the axles from...
  4. Firetruck almost finished

    Finally coming to the end of this project,I just need to figure out how to make my outriggers strong enough to take some abuse.
  5. Bugging Out

    Just a quick fun project I'd been thinking about and just never put it to paper. Been seeing a moving spider on the net and thought a big old Beatle might be interesting.
  6. Family Crest with Submarine model (cnc carved)

    I made this project for my father in law as a thank you for allowing me to marry the most beautiful woman in the world. (I am hoping she looks at this thread at some point. Brownie points much needed!) They are all cnc carved. The family crest plaque is stained red oak. It measures 15 inches...
  7. Helicopter model

    Just a fun little project to make a helicopter model for my 8 year old son. The original file was purchased from and then modified a bit in Aspire. The parts were cut out using my CNC and then finished with a flush trim bit and some sanding. A bit of tweaking and it went together...
  8. finished train

    here are the (better) train pictures, overall 66 inches in length. had a tough time finding a location for it in the shop so now it sits on top of the headboard in bedroom… Devann, i got 6 this time .. :)
  9. How To Make A Wooden Monster Truck

    In this video I build a gift for my Girlfriends nephew. Instead of making the typical box, or blanket chest. I give this two year old the worlds coolest Wooden Toy Truck![/SIZE][/B] With the holidays right around the corner, i felt this would be a good time to get ahead on some gifts. When...
  10. WWII Jeep w/ Trailer Plus M3 37mm Anti Tank Gun

    Well I'm finally done with the Jeep. I saw the same jeep on a different forum site and the M3 antitank gun looked really cool. Couldnt find any plans so I built the gun based off of pictures I found online. This was a fun built. I actually took my time and added a whole lot of details. Now my...
  11. 32 Chevy Coupe #3

    After building 3 32 Chevys over the years I think I finally made one that has the feel of a real HOT ROD. Here's the blog. This is a Toys and Joys plan, one of their older simpler plans, but it has every thing you need to get the shape and size just right. I lowered the roof 1/2". [chopped]...
  12. Finishing Tote?

    I'm not really sure what to call this thing. When it comes to be "finishing" time, I find that the stuff I am looking for is all over the place. When I am done, the stuff is everywhere in different places it doesn't belong. I decided to make a little tote for it. It's made from left over...
  13. Ford Hot Rod T-Bucket

    Ford Hot Rod T-Bucket. This is the closest to "scratch built" that I've done thus far. And firstly a few THANK YOU'S to those who has assisted, encouraged, and advised on the project… Bruce, aka HTL Alex, aka Little Black Duck Jan, aka Dutchy Tony, aka Grumpy Each of these Lumberjocks have...
  14. Dodge Power Wagon

    Its been a while in building but here is some photos of my version of the Dodge Power Wagon I used the T&J plan but changed a few things like Rear body ; wide wheels plus other minor things Who can name the timber used for the main cab and font panels ?
  15. 36" Millennium Falcon Wall Art

    This project has been over a year in the doing. Ever since building my AT-AT model (see projects) I had the dream of doing a large Millennium Falcon. While inspiration came from Martin Creaney's enormous model, I used nothing but pictures from the internet to put together my own version. It...
  16. DaVinci Catapult II

    This is the first DaVinci designed catapult I made prior to the other I posted a few days ago. This one is Walnut and Tiger Maple. This is also just a static model. I build these to look at and study just like you would an original DaVinci drawing, so I am less concerned about making them work...
  17. Model Airplane Engine Display

    This project was a Christmas gift for a friend last year. When I learned he still had the McCoy 29 "Red Head" engine from his Dad's model airplane, I thought he might enjoy proudly displaying the engine on his desk at work or credenza. I had a couple small pieces of a burl from the knot of a...
  18. Excavator Wooden Model

    Well after a month of building this excavator I am finally finished with the skin of my knuckles still on the disc sander. The body is mostly pine and the tracks are made from walnut and oak. Then I air brushed it with boiled linseed oil. I also made some extra modifications by adding thin black...
  19. Model Bell 407 helicopter

    This is my Scale Bell 407 model. I started it in January and finally finished it today. The length of the body (not counting the rotor blades) is 44", with the blades it is 52". The body is made out of cherry, if you're interested on how I managed to make it, check out my blog entrees here...
  20. VW Camper

    VW Camper was made out of Walnut, Oak and Maple.
21-40 of 266 Results