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  1. Children's chairs refinished for library

    Well, I didn't go looking for this project and wasn't very thrilled about it at first, but after my wife agreed to "put a coat of paint on these old chairs" for our small local library, it turned out to be a great opportunity for us to do a project together in my new shop. The first to be done...
  2. iPhone 5S Dock

    To make this a short story, I was originally cutting a branch into thin slices for some coasters: simple. But when I stopped and looked at what I had left, this piece with one little stub attached, I thought this is the perfect piece for a cord to go through! I have seen a few iPhone docks...
  3. Protecting your fanhood & Tabletops

    Just a quick little project from that same branch I made the iPhone dock out of. I'm really liking the easiness of the photo transfer through laserjet printer and lacquer thinner. For those who have done this method, what seems to work best for you?! Sometimes I get a flawless transfer the...
  4. Skateboard Print Image

    Pretty simple but really cool lookin!!Found the skateboard in the trash so I wanted to do something cool with it.
  5. Mod Podge Photo Transfer

    I've recently seen a few videos on transferring pictures onto wood and wanted to give it a quick try. Turns out to be pretty cool. I was hoping there may be a few others out there that would comment and share what worked for them, what they've done, etc. It would be helpful for me to learn...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Today I was finishing up the carcase of a base cabinet of a two piece china hutch. I decided to add a subtle detail, a lambs tongue, to the outside corners of the face frame. I grabbed the Dewalt 621 plunge router and chucked up a 45 degree chamfer bit, set the depth just right and began...
1-6 of 6 Results