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  1. Table Saw Storage Cabinet

    Hey guys! I just added some much needed storage to my shop with this Table Saw Storage Cabinet. It goes under the right wing of my table saw and holds all my blades, accessories and even jigs. The two sides have vertical sliding panels in them which house my most used items like blade change...
  2. Another mobile cabinet for a Craftsman 113

    Decided it was time to get rid of the crappy flimsy steel stand and build a rolling cabinet. I started to create a cabinet that would fit my needs, but stumbled across this blog by a fellow LJ'er and decided not to re-invent the wheel and go with his design. He had everything laid out already...
  3. Dewalt planer dust collection cabinet

    It's not always convenient to hook a large dust collection unit to all my tools. So, I built this cabinet after looking around on the web. Two drawers with a separating baffle in between make lighter weight emptying. It will require a little more work, as the chip ejection fan on this planer is...
1-3 of 3 Results