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  1. Apple Box

    January, 2018 - A friend asked for a bandsaw box that looks like an apple. So here is my rendition. This started as a glue-up of several woods. The front is maple. A little green paint on the leaf. The inside of the drawer is flocked. Dowels are used for joinery. The finish is multiple...
  2. 1st End-Grain Cutting Board

    I jumped on this cutting board bandwagon!! This is my 1st end-grain board. I learned quite a lot from this project. I look forward to trying my hand at some of the more exquisite/detailed designs I have seen in the future. Now I just need to convince Mama that I need that shiny new Drum Sander...
  3. Mixed wood veneer

    The veneering portion is done so I am posting these as finished. I was laid off a couple months ago and received a lovely overly full box of mixed wood veneer as a Valentines Day gift from my ever patient boyfriend. These are three pieces that I have hand cut and pieced together. They may...
  4. End Grain patterned box

    So about a year ago I bought this mixed box of exotic woods from rockler. After it sat under my workbench for about a year I finally decided to do something with it. I took all of the wood and squared up all of the edges. I went to work putting it all together like a puzzle and ended up with a...
  5. Finishing
    Hi everyone. I have projects where I like to mix different hardwoods/ exotics (like maple and walnut for example). The problem I run into is when sanding the sawdust from the darker wood somewhat stains the lighter wood. Is there a trick or method to keep this from happening? TIA! Donny
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi everyone, I'm in the market for a floor standing drill press and have been looking and reading about the JET JDP-17DX and the Steel City 20525. Both of these units are in my price range. ( I am trying to build my router table and buy a drill press all under 1000-1200 bucks or so) But after...
1-6 of 6 Results