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  1. case mitre spline jig

    This is yesterday´s project, jig for making case mitre splines. I got the basic design from woodcraft, but their jig just rides against the fence and no runner; so I modified it some so it saddles the fence, and this way, cant go anywhere except where I want it to go. If anyone is interested...
  2. Mitre Jig

    This was jig weekend for me, after seeing so many examples of great jigs on here, I whipped up what I could in the little time I had, now when I get a bit more time I will make some projects with them, and make them look a little nicer! All of these jigs are my take on what I've seen here, and...
  3. Blogs
    Upper Shop Cabinets $36.70 Matthew and I were going to do a video this weekend but got side tracked with the need for storage. Things are piling up and disorder is setting in. Time to get things in order a little. Last week I added a drawing for shop cabinets to the free plans section on...
1-3 of 3 Results