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  1. Marble Slide

    I made a marble slide for my kids. Its a simple design similar to some others I've seen. To make the tray at the bottom I fastened two wedges to the base and used a straight bit on the router table to make the triangular recess. It worked out pretty well. The slides are glued into the groove...
  2. First try at veneer work

    This is my first posting so bear with me. This front entry door was my first try at veneer work and boy was I a nervous wreck! The wood veneer panels are bookmatched burl maple, if you notice it is matched from center of door in all directions on both sides of the door. The frame a trim on...
  3. Blogs
    Part 1: Acquisition During a rust-hunting expedition last summer, I picked up six saws and a miterbox. I didn't really "need" it because I already had two sitting on shelves at home. Still, this one had all the earmarks of an industrial-age tool-definitely the early part of the 20th century...
  4. Blogs
    Rust-hunting serendipity-A year of searching turns up "Precious" parts About a year ago, I "restored a Goodell Manufacturing Co. miterbox": . It was lacking both of its accessories when I originally bought it. A slide post to facilitate crown...
  5. Blogs
    GEM Folding Mitrebox - VIDEO A quick and dirty film (dirty because there's sawdust…)
  6. Hand Tools
    With a nod to the Epic Thread, there are hopefully enough hand-tool enthusiasts out there to address a LJ topic area that's lacking: the venerable mitre box. Stanley, Langdon, Goodell Mfg, Miller's Falls, etc. What you got? What you want? Questions? Dreams? Boxes and saws for them, post it all...
  7. Hand Tools
    seems to be a Gem of a find, too Just three pieces of wood, some metal parts, and a rusty, well used Disston/HK Porter backsaw. But wait, there is more! The outside pieces fold down to become a miter box! Metal parts can be slid a bit, and even tightened up to barely allow the saw any...
1-7 of 7 Results