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  1. Torsion Box Out-Feed / Assembly Table

    So this is my first attempt at a torsion box design. I've seen them all over LJ and have been itching to build one. I am in my last 3 weeks of civilian carpentry employment before I go Active Duty with the Navy as a Nuke for at least six years, so I definitely don't need one for myself (yet)...
  2. Jigs & Fixtures
    Hey Guys, first off, this is kind of a long read (sorry for that) but i wanted to put in all of the detail to avoid suggestions of things i have already tried. I have a new sawstop PCS 3HP 52" table saw which is replacing my Bosch jobsite saw. Big upgrade for me. I was pretty excited. I have...
  3. Jigs & Fixtures
    Hello All! I am new to woodworking, and I've observed something confusing. I have a multi purpose workbench that has a miter slot that's about 3/8 deep and 3/4 wide. A gauge I bought for it did not fit because the bar itself is also 3/8 by 3/4. When I purchased it, I thought the dimensions were...
  4. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Question for y'all, I making my workbench, that will technically be two smaller tables that may join for a Voltron super table. One of the tables will be skinned with formica and I'll use it for glue ups and as an outfeed table for my table saw. I see a lot of outfeed tables have a continuation...
  5. Jigs & Fixtures
    I am hoping to make a featherboard for my Shopsmith. It is an older model and the miter slots are not Tslots. Is there some way to lock the featherboard in position without the Tslots? I am new at this and really apreciate the advice. Thanks Jon
  6. Blogs
    Crosscut Sled Anyone that might be able to help me out. I have a 10" Craftsman Professional Contractors Tablesaw. There are NO Miter slots beside the blade. There are some beside the router table leaf to the left of the saw. My cuts suck, it needs adjusting constantly (Is my starter table...
1-6 of 6 Results