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  1. Lead Mold

    I was not going to post this, but then I thought it might be of interest to someone wanting to make an easy mold. I have not been making many wood things lately and this was wood so it qualifies. It is a walnut mold with 2 aluminum core pins for counterweights for my new solar panel system. I...
  2. End Grain Cutting Board / Coffee Pour Over Station

    Hi Lumberjocks - been a few weeks but excited to post this project! If you like coffee, chopping up food, or just having a cool all in one station to do both, then you'll enjoy this little DIY project I made over the past week. Hope you enjoy my goofy face!
  3. Names

    Scrolled from an unknown species of wood. The grey color is all the way through, and the wood is close grained and of medium hardness. Identity appreciated. The darker areas were torched and the details on the guardians were done with a wood burner. The log is also unknown, I am poor at wood...
  4. Message Board Something-or-other...

    My wife wanted something to put by the door so she could leave me notes if she and kids go anywhere (by "anywhere" I mean the creek or a walk around the village…not really anywhere else to go when you live in the jungle.) So, I had slabbed some pine trees a while back when we were building my...
  5. clock

    well been back in shop been awhile. but i started on my christmas presents.this is for a man who is like a father to me. made out of oak and walnut got plans off line just made a few changes was pretty fun to build learned some new tricks and got to modify my new router table have 2 more sold...
  6. French Rolling Pin w/Celtic Knot

    This is the first French rolling pin I made with the Celtic knot in it. Thanks to Lew for sharing the secret in cutting the blank for inserts. It is maple with a walnut knot and there is some turquoise inlaid in the imperfections that would not turn out. it is 1 3/4" x 13" long and finished...
  7. Chicago Sports-Themed Toybox

    I built this for a friend's two sons. The frames are pocket-hole jointed and are pine. The panels are 1/2 mdf. The team logos are cut from 1/4 mdf using a scroll saw. The box is lined with 1/4 oak plywood. Kevin
  8. Cabinet pull out

    This is a utilitarian project. A few year ago we remodeled a bathroom and included a built in cabinet in a recess. When finished the cabinet left a unused space in the cabinet bottom. The cabinet construction did not allow for mounting shelving. My solution was to use left over drawer slides...
  9. Modern Box-Joint Coffee Table

    I built a modern looking "box-joint / finger-joint" style coffee table for a buddy of mine using only 2×3 lumber. Here is the video of the build! I spent a lot of time on this project (although it can be done in one weekend!) just to make it as perfect as I could and I personally think the...
  10. Garden Bench

    OK, I've decided the bench is finished. Some details are in the blog about it. Here's the basic rundown: frame is made from Ipe, the legs are black walnut (except one leg in cherry), and the slats are fir The frame is was finished with Penofin, and the top (fir slats) were finished with spar...
  11. Pallet wine rack for a gift

    Made from a Pallet then aged with vinegar and steel wool. Holds four bottles of wine, and four wine glasses.
  12. Childrens Toy Box/Bench

    I made this for my niece's birthday she is now two. Its the perfect height for her to get up and holds all of her things. Pretty simple design with a few modifications i put cup holders for the father and friction hinges so the lid doesnt shut on her little hands.
  13. Nicks Sticks - Mechanical Puzzle

    This was going to be a fun and challenging puzzle box right from the start, especially since I know a guy named Nick that just loves puzzles! There were two objectives on this one. I wanted to qualify this piece to being something that would fit into my 'Stem to Stern' category, which simply...
  14. Toilet paper dispenser

    I have 3 grown adult children, 2 girls and 1 boy living at home. They range in ages from 18 to 24. I must have failed in their toilet training when they were little because none of them know how to change the toilet roll! My wife and I have 3 bathrooms in our house the kids use 2 of them and...
  15. BBQ Cart

    BBQ Cart I made for my son and his family for Christmas 2012. Made from Western Cedar. Wheels are Eastern Red Cedar. Would have made entire cart from Eastern Red Cedar, but not common around here. Axle is an Oak dowel. The handle is a copper pipe.
  16. Cherry Entertainment Center & Bookcase

    Entertainment Center and Bookcase made of cherry plywood with solid cherry trim using Sommerfields Own Cabinet system for router tables. Painted lower base cabinets made of poplar with a cherry top.
  17. Table completed

    This will complete my computer room. Compuer table made a couple years back. Center table for printer/scanner and woodworking magazines. New table for reading and writing with my Dodge Viper phone.
  18. Walnut Crotch and Maple Box

    I made this little box from a strip of maple floorboard I found in my wood shed and a piece of walnut crotch I bought last year at a flea market. It has a suede insert on the inside. I finished it with boiled linseed oil.
  19. Plywood Storage Box

    In this video I will be making this wooden box. It's made from plywood and is made mainly with shoulder joints. This is a very quick and easy built. This project is useful if you need storage for any items! Please see the full YouTube Video if you want to see all the steps I did to make it! Hope...
481-500 of 500 Results