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    For sale, lightly used Hitachi 12" sliding Miter Saw C12RSH2 , less than 3 years old. Local pickup in Manalapan, NJ Price $300 OBO
    $300 USD
  2. Walnut Clad Pump Dispensers

    Using the project info. from the WOOD magazine: Walnut Pump Dispenser ( Oct 1991 Issue 46 P.74), I made a couple of lotion / soap dispensers out of 1/4" Walnut. I'm going to make a few more using scrap oak pieces. By the way, the most critical tool used for this project was the digital angle...
  3. Purpleheart Music Box

    This is a purple heart and maple jewelry box that I made for my daughter. It plays "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" when you open the LH drawer. I cut the "bears ears" dovetails on my Leigh D4R jig. I bought the music movement from Music Box Attic.
  4. Speakers & Stands

    Well a few of you may or may not have followed the one or two blogs on these... Whilst I can say the are not finished due to they don't have any for of protective coating as of yet, I can say that I have finished because I won't be doing that and the owner of them has not decided himself as of...
  5. Walk in closet

    Build it for a friend that had only a shelf and a hanging rod in it.
  6. twin bed

    this is twin bed I have been build for my niece over the last 8 months. It started out as just a bed with the three large drawer in the base and then was decide it need a head board to look finished and then came the foot board with spice racks built in for her nail polish and the fold down...
  7. Started months ago just finished it today. Cigar box guitar

    I started this guitar months ago but it sat around unfinished. I decided to wrap it up today. Its a short version with a poplar neck with padauk inlaid into it. It has frets to scale for its size. Its a 4 string and it feels really solid which is different from others i have seen, they...
  8. Heart Pine Corner cabinet

    I was informed that I we needed a corner cabinet to house a new television in what was going to become our exercise room. So I took up the challenge and went to work. I have never attempted a corner cabinet before and had not really thought about how they are constructed. This project taught...
  9. North Pole Mailbox

    Thanks to Steve at Woodworking for Mere Mortals I made this wonderful mailbox for the children. His plans are great as well as the video's he produces. I'll make more for next year.
  10. Custom AFD Cooler

    A recent Cooler made of Pine for a local fire fighter / EMT. Drew up his badge and had it enlarged to place on cooler. The brave man is shown with his new cooler. Used Pocket holes for assembly and stained it an oak color per his request. Sealed with a SPAR finish
  11. Cutting board of bog oak

    Friends are greetings to all, today I want to bring to your attention my new project. This is a kitchen cutting board that I made from bog oak and ash inserts, at the end I covered it with oil Festool
  12. "Guardians" Twin Log Bed

    This is a twin size log bed made from Eastern White Cedar. The headboard and footboard upright posts are 5"-6" diameter, the spindle are 3" dia. and the rest of the rails and crossmembers are 4" dia.. 2" x 2" Tenon and mortise as well as pocket hole joinery was used thoughout. I added a strip...
  13. complete bathroom remodel, with custom cabinets

    This was our first real custom cabinet job, and it came out pretty darn good. When we walked in the lady had a no idea what she even wanted, just a blank stare. So after much thought and 3 different designs she went with the oversize vanity and two angled upper corner cabinets. We built the...
  14. Night stand

    Night stand made from cherry did a dado and rabbit joint for the case joinery and biscuit joined the top hop my post worked I'm new to woodworking a d would like to hear feed back from the vets that's helpful always a pleasure to talk to pros and learn 3 parts base and cabinet used a kreg joiner...
  15. Votive candle holders

    Just some candle holders made form apple wood. Playing a little on the little H-F turning lathe. The taller is 5-1/4 while the shorter is 4-3/4 inches tall. Both are 3 inch diameter. The holders were turned as 1 piece then cut apart with a miter saw. Torching was done on a support with a hand...
  16. Small Reclaimed Wood Chest

    Small Chest made from reclaimed Swedish pine wood frame 35×35mm thickness and 5mm plywood stripes in a rustic look. Dimensions are 445X240X320 mm
  17. Marking Awl

    Hey guys! This was a fun little lathe project i made. I was tired of using nails to mark the centres of my holes before drilling so i decided to make my own awl! I used African rosewood for the handle, a brass fitting that i then turned down on the lathe and a old masonry bit i had laying...
  18. 12 Volt Floor Lamp

    Here is a unique project that I came up with. I took a 12 volt landscape lighting fixture, ordered a longer stem that matched the original (48") and built a wooden base for a floor lamp. I housed a 120 to 12 volt mini transformer in the base. I have it plugged in to a timer so that it turns...
  19. Nautical Style Submarine Door

    This is a submarine door all made from recycled lumber. It is grafted into a standard door which is the door to my office at work. I made this all at home in my shop and installed it into my existing office door at work on the weekend. It has been up for almost a year and people still stop to...
1-20 of 500 Results