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  1. The Simplest Tenon Jig

    You don't need a complex jig to make a simple task. I've come up with a jig that requires only three pieces. It works in conjunction with a crosscut sled (photo #2) or a miter gauge outfitted with an auxiliary fence (photo #6). My shown homemade micro-setting jig is a plus to fine tune the...
  2. Osborne EB-3 Miter Guide Holder

    While the miter guide that comes with most quality contractor or cabinet table saws is adequate, most of us (sooner or later) upgrade and/or add to our tool collection a number of after-market miter guides. The Osborne EB-3, Accu-Miter, Jess-Em, Kreg and Incra are just a few. Each seem have...
  3. Mantle Clock

    I made this mantle clock out of cherry and mahogany. We used an oil based polyurethane finish. I chose a white piece of glass for the front of the clock as i thought it matched best with the rest of the clock.
  4. Jigs & Fixtures
    I have a Unisaw with a 52" fence. Needless to say, cutting a forty-five on 3/4" stock longer than its capabilities is a challenge. I could run against a sacrificial fence, but that requires me to rely on the cut portion, in back of the blade, to keep the cut straight. Experience will, more...
1-4 of 4 Results