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  1. Don't let my wife see this

    Finally finished the mission style trivet I made for my wife for Christmas. It should have been easy, but trying to work on it when she won't suddenly walk in slows things down. It's some scraps of 3/4" Oak. I stained it using Minwax Golden Oak, just a little bit so it will match our kitchen...
  2. Mission-style doll bed

    This is a Mission-style doll bed that I made for my niece for Christmas this year. Her American Girl doll is Josephina, a girl living in New Mexico during the 1800s. The bed is made from quartersawn white oak using mortise and integral tenon construction, in an attempt to be period faithful...
  3. Mission-style cabinet end tables

    While I have done my share of rough carpentry quite sometime ago. I recently got the itch to get into woodworking, found this site, and while this project is pretty amateurish compared to some of the incredible things I have seen here, my wife was very pleased with these. She wanted "mission...
  4. Blogs
    Glue up, Rails and Stretchers Even though I am not going to be producing a finalized product by request of the client, our friend Todd asked me to show the process regardless. So, here 'tis.
1-4 of 4 Results