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  1. Gilding on a wooden carved frame

    A year ago one of our clients sponsored our business Antique Refinishers in San Diego to sent me to learn gilding. Coming back form Portland, Oregon where I learn with Nancy Thorn I started on a restoration on a frame from our client. The mirror had been "restored" with gold paint over the...
  2. Walnut and blue stone laminate with glue chip mirror

    This is a piece I did long ago and recently pulled out of storage. Made with walnut on outer and inner frame, with blue stone laminate, and a mirror done in a process called glue chipping. This is a not often seen, type of glass work. The design area is taped off, and sand blasted, then an...
  3. Cheval mirror

    Modern version of a classic. Made of black cherry, victim of Storm Sandy from 2 years ago. For my beautiful daughter. Finish with three coats of oil.
  4. Cherry Mirror

    I've had this mirror sitting around for months. It was hung above the mantle when we moved in over a year ago… and my wife needed a full length mirror. Frame and Panel construction with stub tenons, and a full length groove that fits the mirror, which was glued to a sheet of luan plywood. The...
  5. Wall Mounted Mirror

    This is my Mirror. It is meant to have a flowing form for the eyes to move along the piece,
  6. My Wife's Christmas Present - A Jewelry Box

    Another project with wine boxes as the main source of wood.
  7. Monterey Cypress Tree Mirror

    ---------------------------------------------------- FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE: ---------------------------------------------------- Padauk with Ebony plugs and mirror glass. Finished with Boiled Linseed Oil. The back panel is removable for cleaning the glass...
  8. Mirror

    I made this mirror for my wife, Marilyn. It is modified from a plan I found in issue #7 of Woodworking Magazine It is Quarter Sawn White Oak with inlaid Maple discs and raised Walnut accents. The joints are true mortise and tenon with Walnut pins that are diamond crowned on the tops.
  9. Cherry Display Case

    This is the result of a collection growing beyond the bounds of available shelf space. The case is cherry. It has plate glass shelves, mirrors on the back and beveled glass on the top. I installed a small lamp inside for lighting. The shelves are supported by cushioned supports. The...
  10. Modern Mirror Frame

    This was inspired by a mirror we saw in a store that was way too expensive so I offered to make it for mother's day. It took a while to find an appropriate mirror on Craig's List so I didn't start working on it until October. The frame is 40"x40" and 4" deep and the mirror diameter is 31"...
  11. Floor Standing Mirror

    This is my first big woodworking project - a floor standing mirror for my beautiful wife. I stressed over this project because I knew she would be looking at it everyday and I really wanted her to like it. There were a lot of "firsts" for me on this project which made it a good challenge. I...
  12. Curley Maple frame from broken mirror

    Resurecting an old project that I had set aside due to frustration of the frame being twisted, 2 years ago :s got it straigtened and finished, really happy with how it turned out in the end Video:
  13. Wacked Out Mahogany Mirror

    Funky African Mahogany Mirror. Hung by piano wire, so you can adjust the tilt however you want. There really is no crooked way to hang it. 35 inches long, 20 inches wide.
  14. Free standing mirror made from pallet wood

    I had some heavy oak pallet wood sitting in my garage, not the top slats but the middle 3 pieces that the boards get nailed to. When my wife would straighten her hair, she would bring this huge mirror in the living room and prop it up so she could straighten her hair and watch tv. So, she asked...
  15. Scott's dirt bike Cap Mirror

    This project was supposed to be a Christmas present, however time didn't allow it. Thankfully the recipient - (daughter's boyfriend of 3 years) has his Birthday in January, so I said it is going to be a birthday present instead! Recently a fellow LJ (sorry I couldn't find you again after I...
  16. Frames, scrolled & etched

    Doesn't it show what different colouring can do for a project. Admittedly I have internally framed one, but both were stack cut. As these were cut using ply and our ply here is very noticeably different in the layers, I decided to paint the back and the inside cuts with black to hopefully just...
  17. Mirror

    Wedding present for good friends - made at their request. They wanted a full length mirror with a "weathered look". I took a brand new 6"X12"x10' beam hacked it up with an ax, stained it, covered it in cement and let it sit outside for about six months. Then I scrubbed the cement off, stained...
  18. Greene and Greene mirror

    After Greene and Greene hall table I want to make G&G hall mirror. I like Darrell Pert projects and decided to make the Seattle Mirror. Size 60 "х 20". I used sapele, ebony and wenge. Finishing Varathane Red mahagony wood stain, oil and bees wax.
  19. Bathroom Vanity and Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

    My sister-in-law wanted a knotty pine vanity and medicine cabinet / mirror for an addition to their cottage. Her job was to show up with a Formica top she liked. Instead she purchased 3 pine planks with live edges. This presented a bit of a problem because the rough sawn planks had just been...
  20. recycled vintage yellow Heartpine / kitchen organzier shelve

    Not a lot of to say about the project. It's simple construction using a recently new to me festool domino. The wood used however does have some interest. It's 1st generation old growth yellow Heartpine I bought last year on a whim. It's from a demolished carriage builder factory in...
1-20 of 500 Results