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  1. Feather Wand

    Through my shop / studio I meet interesting artists and artisans. One of which is a flint napper and I have been selling his work out of my store front for a while now and he feeds my wood addiction by bringing back wood from his travels. Last year he brought me a log, he had no idea what it was...
  2. tiny hammer with abstract shape

    This is a tiny hammer less than 3/4" from head to handle end. I like something about the oddly shaped excess wood at the claw end. Looks like the border shape of some undisclosed 51st state. So I guess I am declaring this "definitely un-done, state of origin unknown."
  3. Miniature Grandfather Clock

    This mini grandfather clock was made as a gag gift for my brother. He has always wanted a full size 8' grandfather clock, and ever since our grandfather has gotten into scrollwork, my brother has wanted a fretwork clock. The design is based on an antique pattern from Handicraft Ltd., circa...
  4. Pipe "Tiger Hunt"

    Pipe "Tiger Hunt". Pear, beech, hazel, amber, Crimean Trues. 35 cm. 2011.
  5. Miniature Turned Goblets

    I find myself turning miniature goblets or small boxes (sometimes tiny) when I have a small piece of nice wood that would otherwise be scrap. The wood for these is as follows (left to right): 1- Bois de Rose 2- Tulipwood 3- Thin Win 4- Blackwood 5- Genuine Lignum Vitae 6- Pink Ivory 7- Sabah...
  6. WWI British Bunker

    This is a room inside a diorama I built 2 years ago, its all scratch made from Balsa wood. Its at 1:35 scale, so its all contained in a 7×9 inch space. Its part of a larger Diorama I did showing a British Mk. V Tank and Trench along with the bunker. I have been model building for the past 3...
  7. Rommel's Fuel Dump Display Case w/secret compartments

    This is a wall hanging display case for a Diorama I built called Rommel's Fuel Dump. I build these things and because I have them in my shop/office, I have to cover them to keep dust from destroying them. I also just dig old museum display cabinets. I started with the idea of a wall hanging...
  8. Chevrolet Bel Air 1957

    Hello, I had a chance to have some fun in my workshop again and I finished a new toy/model car, based on the Chevrolet Bel Air. If you would like to see the video of it: If you'd like to see the video of it: Happy Sunday! Greetings, Jolien
  9. A glass case for my ship

    For something that looks so simple, this is actually one of the hardest things I have done in a long time. It took me about two weeks worth of thinking to get it right and another week to build and finish it. ( am taking care of a 2 year old and only have a chance to work on it during her naps)...
  10. Project Showcase Entry--Baltimore 2013

    This was the winning entry in the Baltimore Woodworking Show's Project showcase and YES, it is made of wood, not metal. It took a year and a half to complete and contains over 1500 separate pieces. Amazing.
  11. Mini-Bowls November 2010

    These are some mini-bowls that I've been working on the past month using scrap wood from my shop. The first two are made from mahoghany and the last one is from southern pine. I roughed out the bowls with Foredom and Dremel grinders and do the detail work with X-Acto knives and carving gouges...
  12. Vine harvest

    Material: Boxwood and Walnut wood Measurements:10.24"/7.68" (26cm/19.5cm)
  13. Bandsaw box- Just for Karson!

    I posted this little box before but Karson asked that I post with a few additional pictures. I could not add to the previous post so here it is in a new format. This is the Minnow in miniature. This is the same design that I made for my boss at work (his is considerably larger) - both were made...
  14. Rob's bird

    African blackwood bird and support. Red oak base. Approximate size = 2" x 1.5" x 1"
  15. Rob's bird - additional pics

    African blackwood and red oak, 2" x 1.5" x 1" approx.
  16. Miniature Goblet in Yew

    As a Disabled turner, I can no longer lift large heavy pieces of wood to mount on the lathe. The answer, in my case, is to concentrate on mainly miniature pieces. This miniature goblet stands about 3 inches tall, and the walls below the rim are translucent. The finish is 2 coats of Cellulose...
  17. More Itty Bitty Pretties

    Got the hankerin' for making some more itty bitty stuff. Both pieces were turned out of Quina, a very aromatic wood found all over South America (typically used in making furniture), and finished with Hut's Crystal Coat. ... by the way, I don't own any "mini" tools …
  18. Christmas Reindeer

    Christmas Reindeer I made for my mother for a Christmas present. It is made out of solid African Mahogany with walnut antlers. This project took me a surprising amount of time to do. it stand almost 2 feet tall and is finished with a natural oil finish, Tried and True. Made the bells and straps...
  19. Madness

    Material: Pear wood and Walnut wood Measurements: 4.72"/7.09"or 12cm/18cm.
  20. Miniature Birdhouse

    This is my submission for the birdhouse contest. I decided to do something different and miniaturize it. I had been thinking about trying to build a miniature bandsaw box around the same size, and also wanted to build a birdhouse for the contest. The bandsaw box fell by the wayside, but I...
21-40 of 97 Results