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  1. Farie Door

    It seems we have new house guests here. They built a door in the support beam across my living room. I sure hope they are quite and the dogs don't see them. They bark at the squirrel's outside bad enough as it is! This fun little project for my ladies (Wife and daughter) was made from 1/4"...
  2. Ebony plinth for "Winter Mage"

    This is a plinth I made for my friend, Laszlo, for his entry into '06 Kublacon mini-painting competition. He placed third in the Fantasy Single category. The base is made of Gabon Ebony with some nice striped grain patterns .
  3. Miniature Desk Bookcase with Secret Drawers

    Four years ago, I had aspirations to make a period furniture piece. But, being a rookie woodworker, I was not sure if I had the skill set. This piece was a good transition piece to see if I was up to the test. The piece is 1/2.54 scale. It serves as a jewelry box (or a place to store nuts and...
  4. Big Crane and little Crane

    I down-loaded the toy crane plan from Wood magazine, but was surprised by the large size of the toy (almost 2 ft tall). I was actually going to build two of the cranes as Xmas gifts. One each for my 2 grandsons. When I showed it to my wife she said: "It's too big, can't you make it half the...
  5. What to do with offcuts?

    When I resaw with my TK blade I get these thin offcuts. My friend uses then as fodder for his thinness sander and then makes scale furniture from it. He uses a model makers 4" Proxxon Bench Saw blade with a 1/16" kerf. For those that claim accuracy & repeatability do not matter and laugh at...
  6. Desktop Bag Toss

    This mini indoor version of Baggo or Bean Bag Toss is designed to sit on a desktop or tabletop and well sized for a typical office cube. It is a fairly simple project - easy to build. The free plans are available on our web page here . We also made three videos giving a blow-by-blow account of...
  7. Mini Strat

    Built to mimic my full size stratocaster, this little guy took shape slowly. I started with a single piece of basswood that I carved to shape. The biggest challenge was stringing the mini strat. Eventually I settled on the strands from a small braided wire. These were wound and glued to the...
  8. Dollhouse

    I made my first dollhouse for my granddaughter for Xmas. It was a labor of love. Used about every woodworking skill I had. Somebody gave me a huge amount of 3/8 hardwood plywood so I figured I would try to build this. I woodburned some of the floors to simulate wood. Doors were attached with...
  9. WOW! THIS IS OUR 200TH PROJECT! A Miniature Sled

    Our 200th project is kind of a simple little thing. Barb wanted a small sled for a holiday display, so I drew up a pattern, & went to my shop for a couple of hours. She was very pleased with the results. This is made of Aspen, Bigtooth Aspen a tree that blew down at our cabin. We burned...
  10. fresh Coffee Table and chisels. Tiny.

    All of my life I have been fascinated by anything miniature. My love for miniatures and woodworking finally came together now that I have a break from school. This is my first 1/12 scale piece. The top is spalted maple, and the base it walnut. The splines in the miters are also maple. All the...
  11. Cherry slab top bench. Mini 1/12

    Just finished this one tonight. This is a 1/12 dollhouse scale bench. The top is cut from a cherry stick I found in the yard. The base is Walnut. All surfaces were hand planed smooth, and finished with wipe on poly. 1.1 inches tall. Let me know what you think. -Marco
  12. Madness

    Material: Boxwood and Walnut wood Measurements: 4,33"/5.51"or 11cm/14cm.
  13. block plane on blackwood board

    This carving of a block plane in less than 1/2" long and is made of red oak, yellow buckeye, and an unknown found wood. It rests on a "board" made of African blackwood that is approximately 2- 2.5".
  14. umbrella

    yellow buckeye and African blackwood umbrella, approximately 2.5" standing on point
  15. axe with stump

    mahogany and oak axe with yellow buckeye stump, approximately 2" long axe total height approximately 3"
  16. Omega

    A very small box. About 1/15th of a cubic inch! Size: 11mm x 10mm x 10mm (4/10") Materials: Ebony and Maple Glue: Viscous Cyanoacrylate (superglue) Finish: Wax The ruler in the background is metric, showing millimetres. The fourth pic' shows Omega with my previous small boxes, Atom and...
  17. Miniature Highboy

    Miniature Highboy Plans and instruction provided by Steve Hamilton and Jeff Headley at the Woodworking Workshop of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, VA Wood: Cherry Height: 29" Legs: Cabriole, cut with bandsaw and shaped with rasp, file, spokeshave, scrapers. Feet: Trifid, carved with...
  18. How about some fruit and a LITTLE wine.

    More of the little stuff. Bowl is cedar with PPP polish, the fruit, who knows what kind of wood and the finish is magic marker from my son's art box. The wine glass… the only finish on that is some VERY light sanding. It's nice to just have a little fun in the shop every once in a while!
  19. Event Horizon… My final entry.

    I've been out of the shop for a few weeks and decided to give the project one last attempt. No style points, just a plain cylindrical turned box so tiny that it is completely useless. My goal was to make a box that would fit in the bowl of the grail that I made as a part of my first entry...
1-20 of 97 Results