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  1. Cutting board

    My first end grain cutting board made for my step son this last Christmas. Woods used include cherry, hard maple, bigleaf maple, madrone, Monterey Cypress and I think there was some hickory….not sure about that though. So many woods! I know I wanted to use some hickory- maybe I just wanted to...
  2. Oh No! Not More Rolling Pins!!

    Yes, more Rolling Pin! Did some experimenting with cuts and dimensions. Right most- playing with scraps- Maple, Sapele, Walnut and Cherry. Second from right- Maple, Walnut and Cherry. Smaller diameter pin and the center insert is thicker than the outside ones. The total insert width is still...
  3. Camel Scroll-saw Puzzle for 2 year-olds

    I recently saw a neat camel pattern in one of the scroll sawing magazines. I won't re-print the pattern here, because pattern authors get upset if you share their patterns. However, if you Google Image search for camel scroll saw, you will find many free patterns for camels. You can probably...
  4. Cutting Board

    I made a 10" X 7" cutting board from scrap wood. It is made with oak, cherry, walnut and other various hard woods. I created the pattern by flipping the pieces back and forth. The design is from the end grains and I think it added quite a bit of character. I completely sanded it and finished...
  5. cutting board

    I made my cutting board out of mixed kinds of wood. It is 9" X 6". I applied mineral oil on it for the finish
  6. Redheart bowl

    7" diameter redheart bowl. Finished with mineral oil, and Butchers wax.
  7. Stack 'O Boards

    Combo of walnut, cherry, maple, and padauk. These are just the result of cutting up the remaining stock I had into something useful. All edges are chamfered with the jointer, and then the board is sanded to 320. Raise the grain with some water between 120 and 220. Finished with mineral oil and...
  8. Chaotic Cutting Board

    walnut, cherry, maple, and padauk edge grain. Just randomly ordered the pieces and made 4 random cuts and glue ups. First time doing a juice groove and it turned out pretty good. Sanded to 320, raised the grain between 120 and 220. Finished with mineral oil and beeswax
  9. Honey Dipper

    Finished my first turning project since I was a kid, a simple poplar honey dipper. Why poplar, you ask? I tried my hand with expensive woodcraft turning blank, and it snapped on me. Wife said, let's buy cheaper woodchips. I said Poplar. This was also my first attempt at beeswax and mineral...
  10. 3D end grain cutting board

    Was given free reign to build an extra large end grain cutting board. Finished size ended up at 24"x23.5". Lost count on how many glue ups were involved, but there were quite a few. Walnut, cherry, maple and paduk finished with mineral oil/beeswax mix.
  11. End Grain Cutting Board

    This design is easy to correct as you go if, like me, you don't have a planer or drum sander. I was able to true up on the tablesaw with my crosscut sled at each stage of glueup. Very little belt sanding required at the end. White oak & cherry, with mineral oil finish.
  12. Recently Commissioned Walnut and Maple Edge Grain Cutting Board

    Had an old buddy from college recently contact me to commission a cutting board for his wife's birthday. He requested that it be mostly walnut, and I added in a little maple for some nice clean contrasting lines. I tend to put feet on my cutting boards, but he did not want them, so I included a...
  13. Seam ripper

    Seam ripper for my mom. And not one of those kit seam rippers. I removed the plastic handle from a Clover ripper (my mom's preferred brand), and glued it into the center of the handle. This was more difficult than it looked because things kept coming unglued, even though I used a dowel to...
  14. Cherry and maple cheese boards

    I made these cheese boards as xmas gifts. Looks like I might be getting better at finishing end grain cutting boards. I used a beeswax/mineral mix to finish these boards, I think this will be my preferred method going forward.
  15. Simple oven rack pusher/puller

    Simple made over rack pusher/puller. Made from walnut. I first drew out a quick shape on the wood. I used a scroll saw to cut the rough shape. The handle is oval for more comfort and no sharp edges. That was done with a rasp. I sanded it to 400 grit and used mineral oil as a finish. Great for...
  16. Serving Tray/Cutting Board Set

    This is a set I made as a wedding gift for a friend. The serving tray is about 11X18, the bread board is about 8X10 plus handle, and the small cutting board is about 6X8. The edges of the bread board and small cutting board are treated with a 1/4" roundover bit. The serving tray is a variation...
  17. Cake Turntable (Lazy Susan)

    Just a simple cake decorating turntable I made for a friend. It's made from cherry, walnut, maple, and padauk. Just some scraps I had laying around. The edges are treated with a 1/4 inch roundover. The bearing comes from Lee Valley, and is virtually all plastic. I attached it by roughing up one...
  18. Another end grain cutting board (3 woods)

    Made these two for my sister while she was here visiting last summer. Woods are wenge, maple and jarrah. Design was a bit of a f*#& up. Finished with a combination of mineral oil and beeswax.
  19. Quick Cutting Board

    Decided to use up some of my scraps this weekend after reading this thread. Ripped some left over Curly Maple to 1.75", and used 3/8" strips of Purple Heart, Genuine Mahogany and Wenge. Glued and clamped them with Titebond III for a couple hours, than sanded progressively from 60 grit to 300...
  20. Happy Birthday, Cheryl : )

    PurpleHeart, Maple and Tiger Maple, with Mineral Oil applied. Approx.3/4" x 13" x 17". The PurpleHeart had so much figure in it , it was hard to capture with the camera. Another skill I will have to work on. I was originally going to make an end grain board out of it, (alternating the cut offs)...
1-20 of 130 Results