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  1. Bar Stool

    This wood was under a river in Honduras for over 100 years they call it "Soaker Logs". We picked it up locally in Crystal River Florida. The place has since gone out of business. Last year my husband Frank went to Chidwick School of Fine Woodworking in Stevensville, Montana...
  2. End grain cutting board

    This is an end grain cutting board. Built in my woods 2 class, I used four different types of woods which are listed in the tags. The board will be used as a cutting board due to it being hard wood. I used mineral oil with about 6-8 coats.
  3. Hand Tools
    I recently cleaned out my father's basement and came across a few gems to add to my toolbox: 1. Miller Falls Eggbeater Hand Drill (possibly 2B or 2D model 1922) 2. Stanley No. 78 8IN Bit Brace 3. Rapier 10 (Gateshead England) Sliding Bevel Gauge. Looks exactly like the Stanley No. 18...
  4. Hand Tools
    Hi All - I'm new to the forums and new to woodworking in general. Actually just setting up shop for the past couple of months and have yet to build anything. Been buying tools and sharpening is all so far. In my rummaging, I purchased a breast drill which was part of a larger lot that had some...
  5. Hand Tools
    I turned the page on the Lee Valley calendar the other day and noticed the Miller Falls hand drills. I remembered seeing one my dad had given me years ago, found it in my shop and sure enough it matches the one on the calendar. Anybody have one like this? There are only two of the "bits"...
  6. Marketplace Classifieds
    Stanley 102 Block plane Stanley 75 bullnose Type 1 Sargent 196 rabbet plane...
1-6 of 6 Results