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  1. New shop storage cabinet

    The plans for this storage cabinet came from American Woodworker, entitled Giant Shop Cabinet. It not only can be used in a shop, but in a small kitchen for a pantry, or in a garage for vehicle cleaning supplies or where ever you need extra storage. It took me about a week to complete and that...
  2. Hand Tools
    Folks, I am getting "shutter" while removing mill marks from the edge of soft maple boards. This doesn't happen every time. The hand plane in question is a Stanley Sweetheart #4. I honed the iron with a Veritas Mark II and I also honed a micro bevel. I can shave the hair on my arm with the iron...
  3. Wood & Lumber
    I'm hoping someone can help me solve 2 things happening in my hickory table. I'm building a hickory dinning table with 8/4 stock. I started my build with rough sawn lumber and have now milled it down to 6/4. While I've been milling this wood down I've uncovered a few things that look like mill...
1-3 of 3 Results