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  1. USCG Walnut Shadowbox

    I was asked by a Coast Guard friend of mine to build this Walnut Shadowbox for one of his shipmates that was retiring. The Coxswain warfare device at the top along with the USCG Chiefs anchor and Coast Guard emblem artwork at the bottom were all done on my CNC machine. I would like to wish...
  2. USMC Shadow Box

    I was inspired by Topnotch and woody1492 to make a military shadow box for my son for his birthday. The project was great and it caused us to have some great conversations as we went through his stuff and worked together to decide what to put in it. I also got a great deal of help from watching...
  3. Memorial Shadowbox

    I was commissioned to build this memorial/burial flag shadowbox for a fallen airman.
  4. Coast Guard Flag Display

    I was commissioned to build this Coast Guard Flag Display with the customers Rank/Rate devices pinned to it. The display is made from cherry, stained red mahogany and finished with clear lacquer.
  5. AirforceEnlisted/Naval Officer Sword Case

    I was recently commissioned to build this sword case for an Air Force Officer. This is done in Cherry with a red mahogany stain. My wife and I work as a team on these projects. I do all the woodwork and she does the installation of everything inside. We have been doing shadowboxes together for...
  6. Large Double Flag Shadowbox

    I was commissioned to build this shadowbox by a retiring LCDR's wife. She ordered it as a gift for her husbands retirement ceremony. This is built from Cherry wood, Stained Red Mahogany and finished with clear lacquer.
  7. Female Officer Shadowbox

    Here is a shadowbox I did for a female Naval Officer. I have done several with male sailor statues but this is the only one with a female statue. I thought it was cool. This is done in oak, stained Early American and finished with lacquer.
  8. Coast Guard Ships Pennant Shadowbox

    Ships pennant display commissioned for the Commanding Officer of USCGC Boutwell. This was presented at his retirement. Made with cherry, red mahogany stain and finished with clear lacquer.
  9. Marine Officer Sword Case

    I thought this sword was very impressive. I really enjoyed this project. It was a lot of work but a fun design. The customer was very happy. Hope he has a big Man Cave. Made from California Red Oak, Early American Stain, Clear Lacquer finish. The scroll work was done in 1/2" Red Oak and I...
  10. Double Flag Marine Shadowbox

    This is a double flag shadowbox I did awhile ago. It is the first one where I incorporated some CNC artwork into the design. I really enjoy the added capabilities the CNC machine adds to my shop. This is made from California Red Oak, stained Early American and finished with several coats of...
  11. Koa Wood Shadowbox

    A Master Chief friend of mine from Hawaii commissioned me to make this Koa wood shadowbox for his retirement. The artwork in the center is my own custom design scrolled from 1/2" Koa. I used dark blue plexiglass behind the artwork as a background. The finish is hand rubbed oil sanded in phases...
  12. Marksman Shadowbox

    This shadowbox was done for a friend of mine. It is the best barter deal I have ever made with someone. The deal was that I build a shadowbox that would display medals won by his Grandfather in numerous NRA shooting matches prior to WWII. It also needed to display a copy of an old picture and...
  13. Commissioning pennant shadowbox display

    A commissioning penant is often given to a Naval Commanding Officer from the Chiefs' mess or the wardroom to signify they held Command of a wartime ship, squadron or submarine. This project was done at the request of my Chiefs' mess for my outgoing CO or "Skipper". I compared some ideas online...
  14. Open Bay Shadowbox with Custom Knife

    This shadowbox was commissioned by a Navy Commander. The knife displayed inside was custom made from the tail rotor blade of a Vietnam era helicopter. It was passed down from this customers Father who was also a Navy pilot. This shadowbox is made from oak, stained Early American and finished...
  15. USCG CPO/Gunnersmate Hat Box

    The military is built on tradition. Making Chief Petty Officer is a major milestone in any sailor's career. I was recently commissioned to make several CPO hat boxes for some newly selected Coast Guard Chiefs. This is one I did for a female Gunners mate. She wanted it to resemble an ammo...
  16. Mustang Sword Case

    For those who may not know "Mustang" is a slang term in the United States Armed Forces, referring to a commissioned officer who began his or her career as an enlisted service member. This sword case was done in Ca. Red Oak, stained Early American and finished with clear lacquer. The mustang in...
  17. Mini Shadowbox

    Here is a small shadowbox I did for a customer. The trick to this display was finding a flag small enough to fit. This is made from cherry and stained Red Mahogany.
  18. 4 Bay Interior Flag Shadowbox

    Tall 4 bay shadowbox with the flag mounted internally. Built with cherry wood, stained red mahogany and finished with clear lacquer.
  19. Lighted Coast Guard Chiefs Hat Box with Flag

    I was recently commissioned to build a Hat Box for a newly selected Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer. This new Chief started his career as a Boatswains Mate and later changed over to Master At Arms. I used my CNC machine to cut the emblems for Boatswains Mate, Master at Arms and USCG Chief. I...
  20. Coast Guard Captains Sea Chest

    I was recently commissioned to build this Sea Chest for a Coast Guard Captain who was retiring after 30 years of service. It was a gift from all the officers onboard the ship. This is made from California Red Oak and stained Early American with a lacquer finish.
1-20 of 25 Results