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  1. Military Shadow Box Table

    I made this table for my 1st Sergeant who retired after 29 years of military service in the USAF. Although this took a while to make, it was well worth the time and effort. It is made of red oak 1X material and oak ply finished with a few coats of minwax classic oak stain. This is a project I...
  2. Coast Guard Sea Chest

    I recently completed this Coast Guard Sea Chest for a retiring Warrant Officer. This is a mid sized chest measuring approximately 30"x 18" x 20". It is made from red oak and stained Early American I finished it off with 5 coats of semi gloss lacquer. I used Rockler 60 inch lb Torsion hinges...
  3. Square shadow box

    Made this Square shadow box for a US Army solider / USAF Airman
  4. Military Shadow Boxes

    A few of the military shadow boxes I've built. The second one, with the weather station design, is my personal box from when I retired in 2005. The only thing I'm unhappy with is the lower facing board on the fourth picture, the one with the fluted columns. It was a rush job that had to be...
  5. Corner shadow box

    A friend had a special request for his shadow box and this one really tried my abilities and patience. Now that it is complete, I'm glad I agreed to do it. The transition from the bottom shadow box to the flag case was the biggest challenge, but with a some trial and error I think I pulled it...
  6. F-18 Shadow Box

    This was a fun one to build. This is made of Sapele with an rubbed oil finish. To make, I built the front facing from 1/2inch stock. I built the back framing out of four pieces of 2 1/2 inch wide stock and made a rabbet cut to flush mount the 1/4 inch backer board. This one was for a...
  7. Shadow Box for a retiring friend

    Built this for a retiring friend. The Colonel's rank on the board is laser engraved. I turned the opposing spirals on the Legacy Milling Machine. There is a Flag case that goes along with it and I will post those pictures once I take some more. Thanks for looking. You guys and gals are so...
  8. Shadow Boxes

    A couple of shadow boxes in the shape of the Master Sergeant stripe. Thanks for looking.
  9. USMC double flag case

    Made this case for a Marine, the blood stripe add a nice touch to the case.
  10. Octagon Military Shadow Box

    Here's a standard octogon shadow box. The recipient is a Navy Mustang…a prior enlisted Sailor who eventually earned a commission. At first we were thinking of using the Ford Mustang grill emblem but priced them and they are very proud and the price reflects. I ended up using some scrap walnut...
  11. Misc Shadow Boxes

    Here's a few different style shadow boxes I've done in the past. I wish I would have kept track of how many I have done over the years…it's been fun to say the least. Thanks for looking, Al
  12. USCG 2 flag military shadow box

    Made this case for a pilot who served in both the US Navy and USCG. Showcasing both branches with the USN flag and USCG flag. Case is made in Walnut.
  13. Doghouse Military Shadow box

    Made this case for a USAF Vietnam vet….double Bronze star recipient.
1-20 of 57 Results