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  1. Design/Inlay Kit Booth 'Flash'

    In preparation for another season of The Woodworking Shows, we generally have to make some new 'flash' pieces to display in our booth. These pieces are created as conversation starters, idea generators and something you can touch that has been made by the product being demonstrated. The images...
  2. Blogs
    The Beginning This build was not a rational one what so ever! As most of you know I was/am up to my head in projects already; so why build a deck? There really is a simple answer. I love my wife and I want peace in my house!:). Theresa really wanted a deck, and it was not going to wait. So, if...
  3. Blogs
    Door Hinge Jig improvement I have one of the Milescraft hinge mortising jigs for the router. It works OK (especially since the NICE one are PRICEY!!!!) however, I absolutely hated the fact that it left mounting holes in the door. Also, when using it to retrofit new doors into existing doors, it...
1-4 of 4 Results