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  1. Crooked Slab Table

    This table (at least the base) was modeled after an anonymous mid century table I saw in a vintage collection. I added a slab top and bam, my living room looks a lot better. Base is oak w ebony wedges. Top is a twisted slab of maple too beautiful to cut up. I even left the chainsaw cut at one...
  2. Acute Nightstand

    Well, I just found LumberJocks, so I thought I should start adding stuff. Here is a nightstand I completed. I'm doing an independent study on furniture in college and wanted to play with cantilevering the top. This was my first go at handcut dovetails, so I'm pleased with how well they came out...
  3. Walnut and Ash Cradenza.

    Walnut and Ash Cradenza. This took me about 6months to build, over weekends and evenings. Carcass is built with blind dovetails that will never be seen because of the finish. Solid wood back. Thanks for looking..:) Lee
  4. Mid century style nightstands

    After finally finishing my bed frame (6 years after starting) it was time to tackle the nightstands. I took inventory and had a few decent pieces left off oak veneer mdf I had left over from the drawer fronts of my vanity so those dictated the carcase size. I used poplar for the drawer boxes and...
  5. Midcentury Style Bedroom Set

    Platform style bed, headboard, and two nightstands. 1. The King bed is mostly 19mm African (Khaya) Mahogany combo core plywood with 15mm solid edge band on the bottom and 6mm edge band on the sides of all pieces. It has two pull out drawers at the foot of the bed. 2. The headboard is mostly...
  6. Trapezoid console inspired by “Bad Larry”

    If you check out Chris Salamone's "bad Larry" video - that's how I made this. I was totally unprepared to take this on, from a skills perspective, but the design kept me inspired and pulled me through - eventually. The center compartment fabric is a Fender amp cloth pattern from Mojotone. I need...
  7. Small Modern Table

    This little table is my first real build. I've done some refinishing in the past, along with remodeling the house and shop building, but this one is at least what I consider my first build. I moved into a new (awesome midcentury) house not too long ago, and along with the new house finally...
  8. Mahogany Record Cabinet

    I finished this cabinet a couple months ago but just getting around to posting. It was commiissioned by a good friend of mine who needed a storage upgrade and wanted to incorporate his ipod dock. The case is 3/4" mahogany plywood edged with 3/8 mahogany hardwood. Its hard to tell in the...
  9. Credenza

    I designed and built this credenza for the TV room as an entertainment center and toy storage. This is the centerpiece of the room we spend the most time in. We have a preschooler and baby, so being kid safe and durable was a big design concern. There are no sharp edges or doors to slam...
  10. Shoe Rack/Dresser Combo

    Well, I have been working on this off and on over the course of a few years. It's a shoe rack/dresser combo to stick in our closet. I attempted to design it in a midcentury modern style. It was a fun departure from the mission style that I typically do. It is made of some old growth redwood...
  11. Walnut Slab Dining Table

    This walnut slab table was my first work with live-edge lumber-and was simultaneously easier-and harder-than I thought it would be. After all, it's two pieces of wood-right? The slab was born in Wisconsin, nursed by Paul Morrison at The Wood Cycle in Oregon, Wisconsin, and adopted by me, in...
  12. Sideboard in walnut. Scandinavian design

    This is my first project where I try out veneering, and it really opened my eyes for it. My final project the first year of woodworking school, also the fourth piece of furniture I've ever built. Really enjoyed this process and the final result!
  13. Mid Century Modern End Tables - Inspired by Finn Juhl

    Hey all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I was recently in Asheville, NC and I saw a beautiful coffee table that was designed by Danish architect Finn Juhl. I decided to take some design features (like the through-mortise storage underneath) and apply it to a pair of end tables. I made...
  14. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Just switched brushes and switch for the first time on a Bosch 1617 Eve's. I've attached pics. I'm thinking it's the blue wire on the right of the switch, but that's the only open spot it reached. The router doesn't switch on but I did get a small buzz. Thanks, Jason
  15. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Just ran accross this: Good luck! Maybe an LJ can win this too.
  16. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Whatever the Dentist gave Her, I'm wondering if you can buy it at the Drugstore? It appears to be some sort of a "Time Capsule" Might work quite nicely for "Various Situations". HUMMMM???? Rick Sorry Guys. Had to edit it 5 times to get the LINK to work.
1-16 of 16 Results