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  1. Mid Century Inspired Nightstands

    After building the contemporary bed, the next step was to complete the nightstands! Continue reading if you are interested in the process I used. The nightstands started off with a trip to a local sawmill I found on Craigslist to pick up some walnut for the main assembly and some white oak for...
  2. Reclaimed Modern/Retro table

    This is a retro/modern table inspired by Googie architecture style. I call it The Jetsons Table. I made it from reclaimed cedar fence boards. Please watch the build video here:
  3. Z chair

    New chair for 2017. My Z chair is modeled after a chair orginally design by Poul Jensen in the 1950's . This cherry chair with maple back slats was built using some cherry lumber orginally sawn by my neighbor in 2001 . I had just enough to finish the frame of the chair but i did have to...
  4. Mid Century Modern Clock

    Made this mid century modern clock this weekend from 2 inch thick maple and walnut. The time markings are walnut and Bolivian Rosewood. Finished in natural danish oil. Measures approximately 10 inches high by 6 inches wide. Video in the works.
  5. Mid Century Modern End Table

    Hey guys! I made my first piece of "modern" furniture. The end table is made out of solid walnut and it was my first time using dowel joints as well as doing a continuous waterfall miter joint. Great skill builder! If you want to check out a full video tutorial you can find that an plans are...
  6. Mid Century Modern Desk

    I built this desk from rift sawn white oak. I think my favorite part of the build was making the edge detail. Couldn't find a router bit that I liked so I used my table saw to create the profile. If you are interested in how it was built please check out my blog post or watch the video on...
  7. Mid Century Modern ish Nightstand

    Made from all walnut accept the inner drawer sides and back, I used maple. The drawers are on Blum Tandum self closing slides. I threw some subtle angles across the front and on the feet. If you are interested in seeing it built please check out the video. I have a few more pictures on my...
  8. Mid Century inspired End Table

    Mid Century Modern inspired, this End Table is made from one solid piece of 6/4 Ash (17" wide) and features a "waterfall grain pattern" where the grain 'flows' over the edges. The leg set is made from Walnut and is built to last. At 24"wide x 17" deep x 20" not only does this make a perfect...
  9. walnut cabinet with sliding doors

    recently completed walnut cabinet with bypass sliding doors. the cabinet doors features spalted walnut panels.
  10. Entry Table

    Mid century modern style entry table with kumiko sliding doors. Finished with 3 coats of Minwax "Tung" oil and a coat of paste wax.
  11. Solid Walnut Credenza

    Here is a solid walnut credenza I made out of locally (Chicagoland) reclaimed urban wood for a local designer. Walnut is hot right now as well as mixing wood with steel. I believe this was about 80" long and 22"tall. Sorry the finished picture isn't better, I never got a chance to take pictures.
  12. Step Stool

    The wood is white birch, the router profile is Roundover Ogee. The finish is Tung Oil.
  13. Retro-Modern Sideboard With Bent Ash

    This is my favorite project thus far and first I'm posting to this forum. A lot of the questions I originally had were answered through reading discussions of others with similar questions. Everything from WHICH GLUE??? (my favorites) to tips on bending wood. Of all of the research I did, I...
  14. Mid-Century Modern Clock

    The mid-century inspired clock is done! I love how this clock, or time machine if you will, was definitely not a time suck. This was a really fun build, and it was pretty quick after figured out the math for all of the angles. Normally I am more of a fan of the straight grain in wood but I...
  15. Mid century modern style end table

    My daughter need an end table to fill in a spot at her apartment for college. Made from ambrosia maple and walnut. Not sure how to rotate pics so any help would be appreciated.
  16. 2 Leg side cabinet

    This was super fun, (yes, I say that a lot, but the shop is me as a 5 year old going to the playground). I designed this after my amazing wife got me a Powermatic dedicated Mortiser for Christmas a couple years ago. It all started with the legs, I wanted to test the mortiser on joining legs...
  17. Mid Century Modern Table/Desk Prototype

    This was a table/desk requested by my son who likes mid century modern furniture. He wanted a tapered edge, round legs that tapered and flared out, rounded corners and 8' in length. So… having never done any of that, I started with a prototype out of pine figuring I would make my mistakes in...
  18. A Lithophane Frame

    This year I wanted to give my mom something fairly nice for Mother's Day and ultimately decided to use one of her childhood pictures and turn it into a Lithophane. The image in question After processing the image to clean up some of the grain I loaded a 6"x8" piece of Corian tile onto my CNC...
  19. Electric

    I needed a credenza for my home office, so I made one. This is another one of my design experiments incorporating what I like from Mid century modern, and what appeals to me personally. I came extremely close to chickening out on the paint. I had the glue and clamps all ready to go and skip...
  20. Writing desk

    This is a small, mid century modern inspired writing desk. I wasn't working off a plan for this (big mistake) so it took me forever and evolved a few times over the course of making it. It's designed to be opened from either side so the cabinet can be on the left or right side. I didn't have...
1-20 of 39 Results