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  1. Microscope positioner

    After buying microscope, I couldn't stomach the cost of a proper microscope mount. So I made one of beech. The counterweight has ~7lbs of metal hidden inside. It balances almost perfectly… a bit of luck
  2. Curly Temple Boxes vs. Shirley Temple

    Hello Jock's, here some more from the honey hole of Curly Black Cherry. Now I name these two boxes The Curly Temple Box due to the fact they remind me so much of the curly childhood star actress Shirley Temple. So my question to you is who really has more curly waves. vs Thanks for viewing...
  3. Kitchen scene with bicycle and world globe

    Kitchen scene with bicycle and world globe video at:
  4. Bedside lamps

    My wife wanted lamps to match her bedroom furniture. Took a picture of the bedposts, blew up the photo, made a template and freehanded them. Aren't exact, but pretty close. Used Douglas fir with Varathene Ipswich Pine stain. Not too bad - she was happy!
  5. Iphone Macro Lens Stand

    Macro lenses are really cool, they turn a smart phone into a microscope. But the lighting as always a challenge, so I made this good looking lighted stand out of walnut. You can watch the video of this build here: These are the lights and lens that I used: Affiliate link for Lights...
  6. Blogs
    Summary, first wood shots Heyo folks! I figured I would make a blog that gave one starting point for everything I've done so far with the microscope. I did some testing today and I think that I can make my metallurgical scope work for wood. So, as per Blakes request, I will try and get various...
  7. Blogs
    pictures of an early colonization by Chlorociboria aeruginascens Hey guys, Having recently decided that I couldn't continue refering to the blue-green stained wood as "stained by some mysterious fungi", I dug out everything I could find on Google and ended up with a boatload of pictures and...
  8. Blogs
    Christmas Present 2010 My wife never knows what to buy me, because if I want or need anything I go and buy it. So I guess somewhere in a discussion I mentioned a hobby electronic microscope (A kids toy) because i wanted to look at the edges of my chisels when I sharpen them. So one of the...
  9. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Mafe posted a blog regarding his USB micrscopic analysis of various sharpening methods. As intrigued as I was with his findings, I have to confess that I was also interested in his scope and made my own purchase of one. Whether for artistry or curiousity, I find it is a good idea to look at...
  10. Jigs & Fixtures
    I thought some may be interested in this little project I came across on the Instructables site. Video Link
1-10 of 10 Results