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  1. Claro Walnut, Art Deco, Jewelry Box

    So I just finished this box. I didn't do any woodworking over the fall and winter so it was fun to get back into it. This box is for my cousin who likes Mickey Mouse. I had a much easier time shaping this box than I did with my first one. I used 30 grit planing sandpaper on my benchtop sander...
  2. Why Is Your Bowl On the Wall??

    Whew boy, am I glad this one's done! And even gladder that I have some remnant of it left to show! My wife loves Disney. So when I was pondering what to make for her birthday this year and stumbled across this: I was off and running! I was headed for a more-or-less copy of that bowl. I...
  3. Gifts To Remember Disney Trip (Fish Extender Gifts)

    On Disney cruises, there is a tradition of leaving gifts for other passengers outside their cabin door. It is a very long story, but this gift giving is known as "fish extenders" Here are a few of the gifts that we are giving on an upcoming cruise. I was told by a person that previously...
1-3 of 3 Results