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  1. Natural Walnut Sofa Table

    This is a Natural Walnut Top & Shelf with Cherry & Mulberry legs, the wood was all cut here in Allegan, Michigan. The Top is 16" X 45" X 2 1/2" Thick, it has a great knot/limb whatever in the top with some beautiful grain, and natural edge with some bark, finished in just clear finish. I used my...
  2. Simple Reclaimed Beam Mantle

    This is one of the h4s (hand-hewn four sides) softwood beams from our barn wood lot. The customer picked it out and gave us the dimensions. They wanted it natural (unfinished). It's held up by a red oak french cleat. The cleat sits in a routed out pocket in the back of the beam and is 3/4"...
  3. cherry entertainment cabinet

    This the the completed version of the cabinet I posted earlier. It has been one of those projects that try men's souls. All went well till I applied the finish, per the manufactures instructions and it came out terrible. I ended up stripping all the finish off and starting over, this time wiping...
  4. Wooden Michigan Rummy #4

    This one is very similar to the first 3. It is again made of cherry wood. It is finished with warm cherry stain and semi-gloss top coat.
  5. Rolling Jointer Stand

    My neighbor had an old Rockwell 4" jointer that he'd left in a leaky shed. He gave it to me hoping I could save it and give it a new home. I managed to get it cleaned up, and built this rolling stand with a dust collection port. It works like a charm!
  6. State of Michigan Ornaments

    I was asked to create an ornament with the state of Michigan so here are three attempts.
  7. Oak chopping block

    This is a chopping block I made a few days ago using some 6" wide x 9' long x 1" thick oak planks from my in-laws land up in Michigan. The boards had been stacked outside for a couple years and they were a little dirty and weathered to begin with, so I started by planing the boards, then I...
  8. Michigan U.P tap handle

    I recently had a coworker leave for a promotion. I had worked with him for several years and wanted to make him a going way gift. He does some home brewing & is a native of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. In the past I have seen him get a little perturbed when there would be a rendering of the...
  9. Retirement Gift for Friend

    I recently completed this walnut box for a friend that was retiring. It is ~13" long & ~6" wide. The lid is walnut burl. The front piece with the great lakes relief was a small figured scrap that I had saved for years. All of the carving was done with my CNC router. I tried to border the...
  10. Jatoba Pub Table and Chairs

    A long but extremely fun journey. The table is shown in my other project/blog. Chairs now completed and delivered. Wood is Jatoba with ebony inlays and an olive wood burl veneer on the top of the table cabinet. All loose tenon joinery. Thanks for looking. Enjoy.
  11. Segmented Dried Flower Vase

    Hey Folks, JUst finished this vase a few days ago and thought I would post it and see if you all have any complaints. Let me know. 12" tall 7 1/2" dia. 253 pieces. Red Oak and Walnut. Thanks
  12. two drilled bracelets

    One oak, one walnut. were made using holesaws!!!!!. just drilled the inner followed by the outer (you need to do this on a drill press). finished with tung oil. i know that there are weak points where it is endgrain. I will try to make one with 3 layers 90 degreed to each other and maybe...
  13. 1937 Packard

    This is one of my favorite cars: a 1932 Packard convertible coupe, bodied by Dietrich. The thing is just so elegant and the engineering is incredible. It's powered by a V12 that is liquid smooth. Anyway, I was commissioned to build new woodwork for it and it was more challenging than I...
  14. State Cork Boards

    Ever have someone ask "Hey can you make me two cork boards? One of New Jersey and one of the mitten of Michigan." Well I did. Found some suitable images, traced them onto the cork board, then sawed away with a 1/4" bandsaw blade. It was interesting and pretty challenging to try and follow...
  15. Michigan Lower Peninsula from reclaimed 2x4's

    A friend asked me to make this. I broke down an old workbench that had 2×4's as legs so i had a bunch of 2×4's laying around. I planed them down to about 3/4" and buscuit joined them. Stained dark and applied a satin poly finish.
  16. Looking for Dick Cain

    This is for Dick I'm looking for him. I'm about 3-5 miles west of Frankfort, Michigan, on Lake Michigan looking west toward the setting sun and Minnissota. Sallmon fishing of course, with my first mate, my lovely wife, kris. I don't remember what we caught but with beauty like this it did'nt...
  17. Wood & Lumber
    Doing an around Lake Michigan trip at the end of June with my family. Looking for a source of wood unique to the UP or Northern Michigan we can pick up on our trip. Can't get much wood as it has to travel with us in the back of a Honda CRV. So less than 4' long. Any recommendations for a small...
  18. Marketplace Classifieds
    Ok, this is for all you jocks and jockettes living in or near Michigan…. :) There is a local, but international, art competition being held here in Grand Rapids, MI. It's called the Artprize Competition, cuz the entrant with the most votes gets $250,000!!! Anywho, I am wanting to enter a piece...
  19. Wood & Lumber
    Hello, I'm new to this site. I'm also pretty new to woodworking. I live in Michigan near Detroit. I have a ton of projects in mind but, obviously they all require wood. Wondering if anyone knows of a good hardwood supplier. I'm absolutely willing to travel up to 4 hours for a good deal...
  20. Blogs
    Michigan LumberJocks Picnic for Fall 2009 As a few other people have said already, we had a great time at the Michigan LumberJocks Picnic a few days ago. Rustics blog JockMike2s blog BillyJs blog SteveMI brought some of the projects he had been doing on his CNC router. It was really...
1-20 of 28 Results