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  1. Cocobolo Rosewood

    Pen that I made from Mexican Cocobolo Rosewood. The wood was very difficult to turn and finish as it has a mineral inclusion near the end of the pen. I was planning on doing an oil finish on this pen but with the inclusion, I figured I would fill it and do an acrylic finish.
  2. Oh How I Love Benches!

    Oh How I Love Benches! Who doesn't like a solid bench? Here are a few pics of some interesting designs I have made over the years. Mostly, these benches have been made from recycled/reclaimed materials. I actually use a large barnboard bench for my coffee table, very versitile. And, if you...
  3. Mexican Ebony

    Here is a pen set i turned yesterday. The wood is extremely dense and very hard to work with. I trashed a brand new drill bit while trying to drill the center. I am very pleased with the results.
  4. Dress Walking Cane: Mexican Bocote, Elk Antler, Silver, & Elephant Ivory with Inlays

    -------------------------------- This Walking Cane was a commissioned piece, so it has been "SOLD" Cane Serial Number #2008-35 Height: 35.375 inches Welcome Surfers: If you are surfing looking for a special walking cane on the internet, go toward the bottom of this posting where you'll find a...
  5. Rustic Cedar Log Chapel Wall Cross Jill's House Caring for Special Needs Children Ministry Virginia

    Handmade Wall Cross for the new Chapel at Jilll's House ministry in Vienna, Virginia for Special Needs Children (click here for their website with video) To see the matching Rustic Cedar Log Chapel Podium, click here to see that project posting This was a commissioned project. (If you would...
  6. Mexican Shelf

    I have a client who wanted a very small shelf to match his existing furniture. He wanted a 20"x5" pine shelf with as little hardware visible as possible, and he wanted it to be antiqued and mexicanized like his hutch and end table. It also needed to be mounted to a brick wall. Building mexican...
  7. Blogs
    Design Sketch: Dress Walking Cane, Mexican Bocote, Elk Antler, Silver, & Elephant Ivory with Inlays If you are just surfing through the internet about Walking Canes, and you want to see some actual canes I've carved, click on the Widget Picture of the cane here. That project has more than 40...
  8. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Fast & Furious with Rep. Darrell Issa ... a short 3:55 min. video describing it and current status with Atty. Gen. Holder.
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    While planing some rough stock (red oak) for my latest project I noticed one of the boards had a dark streak and thought that it was an interesting grain color, maybe left by some bugs that made the tree their home for a while. My last pass was very light, just creeping up on the 3/4" I wanted...
1-9 of 9 Results