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  1. rocker

    I built one of these about 14 yerrs ago and now I had to builn another one for another grand son in philly.made of 2inch and 1 inch pine ,after 14 years the only thing wear is the paint. the rockers are 2inch by about 54 long, I dont think it can be tipped over end to end, a very stable rocker...
  2. Scissors Clothes Drying Rack

    This is another Honey-Do completed. My wife saw this smaller scissors rack at an Amish store and it had an open front and fancy side panels. She said "I'd like one of those for the trailer in Arizona to put outside under the covered area. Can you make one??" Oh, of course!!!! To have one out...
  3. Blogs
    The Prototype I've decided to try out this video thing. This is my first and it is very basic. It just shows my intent with making these small brass hammers. These will be used for adjusting plane blades mainly. I may add a wood side on one end at a later date. Hope this comes out okay cause I...
  4. Woodturning
    This is a question about whether it's good at all to use a metal turning lathe for wood turning. I do not have a lathe now. I plan to eventually get one. I would also like to get into metalworking, So, instead of getting separate lathes for turning wood and metal, I would rather do both with one...
1-4 of 4 Results