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  1. Cutting Board w/ handle slot

    I made nine of the birch and walnut cutting boards for gifts, while using up a bunch of scrap wood.
  2. Lathe Tool Storage

    Okay, this isn't anything spectacular. But I thought I'd share it because it works really well, and is easy to do. I wanted my lathe tools to be easily accessible, protected from damage, and also for me to be able to grab the right one without having to pull each one out and check which tool...
  3. New Dust collection enhancement

    This is a dust/ debri collector I made based of of the plans here: I was a bit skeptical at first about this, but I can say now that it works perfectly. Almost zero dust or debris gets to my shop vac, and I see no real loss of suction. I have seen others...
  4. Corner Bookshelf

    This project was built as 3 individual bookshelves. It can be separated again should the shelves need to be moved to another room or something. The largest challenges I faced were making the three units look like one and perform the miters. None of the molding was purchased off of the shelf...
  5. OHMYGOSH! Did I make this mess???(and some tips)

    Some have seen my clean shop…well… this is what happens when I am doing a project. The place just totally exploded! But I had a blast working on my project!!! Also, wanted to share some storage ideas. If you have run out of those little boxes that don't hold much…I keep things in these large...
  6. Focus on the Workspace
    This is a fun timelapse video of the aftermath after a lot of work. Hope y'all enjoy!!! Garage Shop Super Hero:
  7. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    This is a re post!!! Since I have made many new friends here, and some are asking me kindly why I have these pains, I have decided to re post this post that I made in the now gone coffee lounge before it was closed. No sad song, but a song some times out of tune! Just a little perspective to...
  8. Blogs
    The Beggining, sort of I began my woodworking journey a little over two years ago now. My wife and I had just bought our first house together, she had quit her job and became a full time law student and I was looking for something to do that was a little more engaging than television. My...
  9. Blogs
    Walnut Wood - I just need to know... Does anyone else - when working with black walnut - think it smells delicious? I just want to eat it whenever I'm cutting it. I was recently cutting out a ball blank from a glue-up of walnut, maple, and wenge, the latter two of which don't really have a...
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  10. Blogs
    Finally got some of this lingering idea together I have redesigned this thing several times, waaay overdesigned it in SketchUp while briefly mad with visions of increasingly elaborate designs in even the most utilitarian of shop storage solutions, and tried to build it 3 times previously...
  11. Blogs
    whipped up I did not write this. Actually, I suspect it was written by a Brit, the spellings indicated that before I cleaned this up. But the shows he references are domestic. I grabbed it from somewhere many years ago. It has survived a hard drive crash (you can see what things I actually...
  12. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
1-13 of 13 Results