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  1. Mesquite Vase

    Mesquite wood vase from the family ranch with malachite inlay thanks to the geology professor at the local junior college. used a Robert Sorby Hollowmaster on the inside. Didn't take as much as i could from the inside so its a little heavy but still loved the hollow master.
  2. Mesquite Clipboard with Unique Paper Clamp

    Perhaps a bit more complicated than it needs to be. Perhaps. -Russ
  3. Mesquite Mission Bed

    This is a Mission style bed that I designed in SketchUp, and built for my daughter. This was my first project using Mesquite as the primary wood. It proved to be a challenge to find lumber that was relatively clear of worm holes and flaws. My preference was to avoid lumber that required...
  4. Gemstone Box #112

    This box is the second of the series. Hopefully many more to come. The tile is tiger eye, black onyx and picture jasper. The primary wood is mesquite. Beautiful to work with. I used eucalyptus to back tile so it'll show on the inside of the lid. The pegs are bamboo and the lid is hinged with...
  5. Mesquite Patio End Table

    This table shows my continued interest in putting mesquite and iron together. It's 24" high and 25×22 on top. There's a lot of iron work in comparison to the wood work, but I haven't seen a lot of this type of construction out there. I think I'll put a shelf in the next one.
  6. Texas Pendants - Gorilla Glue finish

    Mesquite, 1/8" thick, 1" tall by 1" wide. Gorilla polyurethane glue finish buffed with steel wool. Made my daughter a Texas necklace pendant a couple years ago which she wore a lot but unfortunately lost. Preparing for a vacation she asked for a replacement so she could show her state loyalty...
  7. No lap cat

    This is a cougar I carved out of Mesquite back in 2007; I'd like to say it was one piece, but I'd be lying. The stump I was working with that looked SO much like a cougar lacked a tail, so I had to attach it later. What was extra nice about this one is that at the time there was a big cat...
  8. Men's Valet Box, frontal drawers and hidden compartments.

    This is a custom request from a customer in hopes to have it done before Christmas in which I was able to pull off. I used Mesquite on the walls and lid of this box, the inside is Alder and the splines along with the hinges and drawer pulls are Wenge. It has two lift out trays a hidden drawer...
  9. No strings attached My version.

    First off, I'd like to thank Dan, Eklund for the great Guitar pattern in the Holiday issue of SSW&C magazine about a year ago. This was so fun yet so hard for me to cut. It was a great challenge for me. I used 17 different woods in this. I like the colors I used but may do a second one and make...
  10. Cake plate

    This is a cake plate that my father in law (Glen) and brother in law (Lee) made for my mother in law (Edith), for her birthday. It is made from three pieces of mesquite.
  11. Wall Plaque w/ Clock

    I'm finally posting a project! This plaque (clock?) was made as a gift for my MIL. I found this piece of mesquite at a local sawyer, and she fell in love with it. Unfortunatly, the pictures don't do the wood justice. It really is an incredible specimen. The engraving was done with a router...
  12. Live Edge On Top Of Live Edge - Mens Valet Box

    I don't know if I had already mentioned it but I just had Orthoscopic knee surgery done last month so it kept me out of the shop off of my feet and on my butt. I'm still recovering but am able to spend short periods on my feet in the shop. Men's Valet Box I hadn't done any live edge in a...
  13. Mesquite slab cutting boards

    Hand split some mesquite i have and planed them into cutting boards for some friends. They are large and left natural. Will put some oil on them and then they are done.
  14. micro wine goblet

    perfect for un petit (petit petit) gout! - a little taste indeed! Which is to say almost no taste at all. a small Mesquite turning - I was playing with the "extra wood" on the end of a turning before I pared it off. To join this in a mouses house or dollhouse kitchen, I have a couple attempts...
  15. House for a Carpenter

    Our (store bought) nativity set was lost when my house flooded. I think this new one in mesquite works better anyhow! Teak oil finish.
  16. Natural Edge Table

    This is a mesquite table I made for our place in Arizona. It is made from a 2" slab of mesquite that is about 26" round. It is on a base of Cholla cactus skeleton. The table was built 24" high. It is finished with 12 coats of polyurethane and inlaid with turquoise Jim
  17. Mesquite Window table

    Thought I would try something different (really different). I was given a slab of mesquite by a friend and I thought it would make a great rustic or western style window display table. The pictures show the results. The top is inlayed with turquoise in some of the bigger holes and cracks...
  18. wall table

    this is a wall table I made a few years back,the legs trim and stretcher is cherry, the top is mesquite I cut out of a log about 6" in diameter and 4-1/2' long,it was just enough to make this top.tho plugs are also mesquite.table is 48"long 13" wide and 33" tall.finish is poly oil maloof blend.
  19. Award Plaque w/Clock

    This was a commission piece from someone who saw my MIL's plaque. It's an appreciation of service award. All mesquite and uses a small electronic clock work. Size is approx 24" H x 13"W. Again a small shelf was put on the bottom. Finish was 2 coats BLO/MS/Cabot Varnish followed by ? coats...
  20. deer antler rack

    A buddy of mine has a bunch of deer antlers that he has found out in the woods and he brought me a pair and said make something with them. He wanted something simple and outdoors looking for his hunting camp. I came up eith this simple coat or bow rack. It is made out of some old deer sheds...
1-20 of 500 Results