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  1. my ladies 3rd carving

    This is my girlfriends 3rd carving. It is carved in solid maple. I know, I know, everyone thinks she should get her own profile and page but we have discussed it and she says she won't come on here for anything and that there was no point. So I offered to change my name to include her but she...
  2. Venus de Mermaid automaton

    Venus de mermaid automaton
  3. Mirror Frame "Kingdom of Veles"

    Materials: linden, fumed oak, jatoba, amber, Ural malachite, lazurite, gagate. Carved author's mirror frame based on Slavic Pagan Mythology. Действующие лица: Велес (Волос) - божество в славянском языческом пантеоне. "Скотий бог". Покровитель домашнего скота и богатства, попечитель торговцев...
  4. Mermaid w/ Conch shell base

    A Mermaid that I made for my wife. I forgot what type of wood it was but the color is natural. The piece I used had all sorts of cracks making the wood not really usable for much else so I ended up inlaying copper into the cracks. The tail is actual a second piece that I added at an angle to...
  5. Mermaid Cane

    Finished Mermaid Cane. Oak shank with root ball. Stained with several light stains and poly'd.
  6. Hand Carved Woman, Mother Nature, Sea Goddess, Mermaid

    First piece I have carved in sassafras. Interesting wood. A little splintery like butternut, beautiful grain, holds detail well. Just fooling around with something different. Added imbedded bits of sea glass and tiny shells in the hair. I'm not sure if I like the result. She can be seen at...
  7. Mirror frame "Tales of the Water"

    Mirror frame "Tales of the Water". Linden, lilac, fumed oak, amaranth, amber, mother-of-pearl, Ural malachite, oil, stains for wood. Действующие лица. Русалочка - Персонаж одноименной сказки Г.Х. Анднэрсэна и мультфильмов Уолта Диснэя. В рекламе не нуждается. История происхождения...
  8. Apple mermaid

    This curvacious lady was hidding in a MacInntosh orchard for many years.

    I was asked to do a chainsaw carving demonstration by GDB in Bedford Qc. ,Sat May 26, 2012, for a Husqvarna open house event. Here is the project I made with a 338xpt and an old telephone pole. Great saw! Thx for the opportunity Eric and Husqvarna.
  10. The Mermaid of Blake Mere automaton

    The only inland British mermaid legend sips a G&T at the bar of The Mermaid pub in Staffordshire. STORYTELLING: ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE MIDLANDS BILSTON CRAFT GALLERY 25 MAY 2013 - 24 AUGUST 2013...
  11. Mermaid Sculpture

    I posted a forum topic asking for advice as to whether or not I should carve a detailed mermaid or one in more of an abstract condition. I chose to do this piece in abstract. I have one coat of oil on this piece and it did fuzz up. The oil I used may be a little old. I have had it for a long...
  12. Mermaid & Dolphin

    White stained Oak with a Limba scrolled mermaid riding on a dolphin.
  13. scuba diving mermaid

    For this project, the mermaid is made from ash, the coral from oak and the pedestal from beech. Height = 50 cm.
  14. Focus on the Workspace
    So I got a pile of oak 4×4s basically for free. I'm planning on building a workbench, they're currently acclimatizing to my shop. My issue is that they all have pith(the reason the are free). I don't want to be talked out of using them as I'll never be able to afford a solid hardwood bench...
  15. Woodworking Skill Share
    I received the latest ShopNotes (Vol. 20 Issue 115) the other day, and as usual, I've looked through it a few times and marked things I want to try later. But, there are a few projects in this issue that just seem way over my head (no rude comments here, please) - like the "Router Milling...
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi all. I am in the market for a new table saw. I have $600 to the penny for a budget. Last weekend, I bought a Ridgid R4512, which, by reading the forums, a lot of people are very familiar with. I had read about the alignment issues, but had also read enough good reviews that I pulled the...
1-16 of 16 Results